Friday, 27 June 2014

A Leap of Faith

Good morning everyone!

It is currently 07:41AM and I'm sat in bed with a cup of tea (of the fruit variety, yum!) writing this.
For the longest time now I have thought about venturing into the YouTube world to the extent that I even set up a channel, filmed a couple of videos and even uploaded them, however I left them private.
Last week I got talking about it again with my boyfriend and he watched a couple of the videos I'd filmed & sort of gave them the seal of approval I needed, on Sunday I bit the bullet and made the first one Public, out there for the world to see.

Now you may be thinking.. "Why is she making a big deal out of this?" "It's only YouTube" but I am a super shy person until I really get to know someone. I'm someone who'd rather sit waaay in the back so as to not get noticed or stand out to anyone for fear of being judged. I'm quiet and keep myself to myself so putting myself out there is pretty scary. But you are only young once so why not get myself out there, do something that is way out of my comfort zone? If I never try, I'll never know how fun it really is! I'm already enjoying the filming and find the editing quite relaxing..

The first video I put up was the TMI Tag (Part 1) which you can go and watch HERE. I apologise for the poopy quality as I filmed the video on my MacBook as my camera decided to die and I hadn't got the charger! (rookie mistake) However, quality will be better on future videos. I have decided that I will be uploading new videos every Wednesday & Sunday as they are they days that best fit my weekly schedule.
Feel free to Subscribe to my channel while you are over there,  its freeeee :)

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