Friday, 31 August 2012

What's In My College Bag? (this year..)

Another year at college, another 'What's in my college bag' post! (you can see last year's post here!) I have the essentials in my bag i.e my binder, notebook and pencil case filled with an abundance of pens for all my note taking. My make up bag is full of the essentials for day to day girl life (separate post if you want it) a hair brush and hair bands as in the clinic you have to have your hair up for hygienic reasons. Baby wipes are an essential when doing sports massage as a lot of oils are involved and as some of you may know oil doesn't really come off when you wash your hands so using baby wipes just gets rid of it all a lot easier! Of course I have my keys as I drive to college and need to get in and out of my house, my purse for emergency food purchases and my phone to text my boyfriend during class like that rebel that I am! 
I love having a nose at what other people have in their bags so if you've done a similar post let me know! 

Monday, 27 August 2012

OOTD: Pinky Promise!

Top: Limited Collection at Marks and Spencer (currently in the sale) - £10 - Link!
Jeggings: Marks and Spencer (currently in the sale) - £13 - Link!
Shoes: Primark - £6
Bag: Tesco - £15

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Back To College Organisation!

Keeping on the Back To School/College theme I thought I would show you how I'm organising my binder for my course. Unlike most people I haven't got round to decorating the front and to be honest I'm not even sure if I'll bother, I like pink! Anyway.. I found this pencil case that has rings in it so it can be clipped inside the binder, super useful when your college bag is big enough to fit me in it, no awkward rummaging around for that pen you need in an emergency! I have black pens, the ones from staples are the nicest to write with and a few coloured pens for colour coding or outlining important words or phrases. Next up, the notebook, its a standard lined notebook, you've all seen one of those before right? Finally, at the back of the binder I have plastic wallets to put my assignments in and any spare papers and handouts from lectures. Keeping everything together in one binder means I can pull it out of my bag and not have to route around for pens, assignments ect. If I was doing more than one class I would have a separate binder set out in the same way for each one. I'm quite looking forward to going back, another step towards getting the career I want! 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Back To College Haul!

Its that time of year again. The summer holiday's are coming to an end and the pre-college/school panicking begins, all those summer assignments you said you'd get done, now's the time to do them! 
 New College Bag - Primark - £9.00

Top: all from staples
Binder - £5
Note Pad - £1.99
Pencil case - £1.99
Black Pens - 99p
Coloured Pens - £2.49

I know this doesn't look like a lot but my college course is fairly short so I'm not going to need a whole load of stuff! This is the first part of a 2 or 3 part "back to college/school" series so look out for some more posts in the next few days 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I was enchanted to meet you..

I have realised over the last few days that the saying "Absense makes the heart grow fonder" is so so true. My boyfriend left for a 10 day holiday in America on Thursday (if you follow me on twitter there is a high chance you might already know that) and I just haven't felt right since he left. I will admit I spent a fair bit of my first night alone in tears because after you spend every day and night with someone and all of a sudden they aren't there to be with you, it sucks. I feel like a part of me is missing. Don't get me wrong, getting to talk to Josh on FaceTime or Imessage makes me super happy but it's just not the same as having him here and being together. After all the drama and a bad start of the year everything just feels so right now that I'm with Josh, like we were meant to be together and he instantly makes everything okay. He is the sort of guy who tells me I look beautiful when I think I look terrible, treats me like a princess and takes care of me the second I need him. I have honestly never felt this way about anyone before, I'd say I'm whole heartedly in love with him and am in the best place of my life with him. I could happily spend the next however many years together, enjoying all our little adventures. He is my world. Hurry up and get home please, I miss you! xx

Monday, 20 August 2012

What's In My Car!?

You know when you are younger you think about the car you want to have when you are a grown up, this is that car, this is my dream car. A blue, convertible beetle with a flower in the front. Now this isn't the typical beauty blogger's 'what's in my..' post but hey! why not do something a little different? 
Front of my car/ Collection of mine and my boyfriends CDs for our adventures/ Inside my arm rest/  Sunglasses, lip balm, tissues and chewing gum I can't even chew because of my braces/ A selection of some "important documents", pen and a duster/ Inside my tiny boot: cover to put on my roof when its down, towel for taking dogs in the car, high-vis vest thing for if I break down, puncture kit/ Junk in the back of my car: Glass from McDonalds, empty sunglasses case, bikini from the last time I went swimming and a sock. That is the cleanest the back seat has been for a long time, partly down to Josh being on holiday and therefore all of his stuff and empty bottles of water that are normally left in the back are in the bin, at his house or with him. 
Fancy showing me what's in your cars? If you post about it, let me know!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Featured Blogger: Jordan!

At just 13 years old, Jordan has been blogging for a few months and has recently changed her blog name to

THE BLOG: it is a typical beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog but with a jordan twist. I secretly hoard makeup for my blog,my blog is just my brain vomit,but I do love to review aswell!

THE BLOGGER: CRAAZZYY!! Very wierd and nuts,I secretly buy makeup and wear it all the time! I love to talk and talk (you have no idea how many times I get detentions for talking at school!) and I don't take life very seriously!

1) I go with the flow cause the flow don't go
2) Socks and sandals=someone call the fashion police
3) I get so emotional watching one born every minute!!

Thanks Jordan! 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Mini Haul!

I say Mini Haul as I only picked up a few things while out shopping the other day due to the fact I didn't really need anything but hey, when you walk past a superdrug its hard not to go in and spend some money. I went to Primark first and picked out a new bag for college, I'm only there for a few hours in the evening so the camel coloured tote will do nicely for chucking a folder in, I love the studded detail down the sides. I wanted to get some nice black shoes for wearing to dinners or outings that require dressing up a little, a cute pair for £6, nothing bad about that. 
Superdrug was my next stop and with £7 worth of points on my card I took my time choosing a few products to try out. The two NYC "Quick Dry" shades both really caught my eye so I am looking forward to trying them out and seeing how nice they look on the nails as well as testing the quick drying-ness of them (review/cnl soon.) A new mascara out on the collection 2000 stand  so of course I'm going to give it a go, a review will be coming soon once I've had the chance to give it a try! 
Hope you all have a lovely day today, sounds like its going to be a hot one. The air conditioning at work is broken so no doubt its going to be about 40 degrees on the top floor, its going to be a long 7 & a half hours! 

Friday, 17 August 2012

CNL: Chocolate Ice cream and Raspberry Sauce!

Excuse the random title, it was the first thing that came to my mind when I painted my nails. They look a bit like chocolate ice cream with a little bit of raspberry sauce right? I used two Nails Inc polishes to create this look, Jermyn Street, a nice chocolate brown colour I got a few compliments on before and Wyndham Place a reddy/pinky sparkly colour on the ring finger (a standard nail look from me!) 

Thursday, 16 August 2012


I'm back!! I seem to start a lot of my posts that way because I leave such big gaps between the posts due to my lack of blogging mojo, lame! I recently got back from Malta a few weeks ago and thought I'd tell you all a little about what I got up to. I went with my mum, aunty and cousin which made a nice change to the normal family holiday's, we were forced to be up and at the airport by 4am which was an total killer and it seemed like we were completely rushed through the airport and onto the plane despite us being there a good two hours before take off. On the first day in Malta we spent the day relaxing down by the pool reading, working on our tans and treating ourselves to some well deserved spa treatments. I had the best facial ever! My mum and aunty used to live in Malta when they were very little (my Granddad was moved out there with the Raf) so we found a tour company that allowed you to chose where you wanted to visit and for how long so we booked our own private tour of the island which included the tourist spots like the blue grotto, some amazing caves with beautiful clear blue water, followed by areas my mum and aunty used to live, go to school and hang out. Now Malta is a tiny island so we managed to travel around the entire place in a day. After a couple more days of relaxing and tanning we chose to travel to Valletta which is like a nice shopping city, I was a little disappointed by the lack of good shopping opportunities however the place itself was rather picturesque.
All in all, quite a nice holiday however I was very happy to get home and be back with my boyfriend. I dropped him off at the airport today as he is off on his holiday so I'm feeling a little sad at the prospect of 10 days without him. Expect lots of blog posts this week. I Am Back! 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Mascara!

*Sponsored Post: Mascara Sent by Anastasia Bev. Hills
Anastasia Beverly Hills are definitive eye and brow experts who work with stars like Glee's Dianna Agron and Selena Gomez. Their make up incorporates the importance of skincare with their clinically tested formulas to create their cosmetics range, recently the brand has been stocked in selected sephora stores across the USA as well as being widely available online worldwide at

I have to say I was impressed with Anastasia as a company, when they sent me the product I was expecting, like most companies, just the mascara and that was it but instead they sent the mascara along with a booklet all about the company and some information about the mascara. The booklet also included some pictures that relate to how well the waterproof mascara top coat works, like swimming, crying ect. Lash Genius is the perfect top coat companion to any mascara that works amazingly but happens to be a non waterproof formula. I own a lot of non-waterproof mascaras so it was the perfect opportunity to try this out. I wore Lash Genius over the top of my NYC curls mascara whilst swimming the other day and I can honestly say, best thing I've ever used. I was underwater, had my face splashed and wiped my eyes and my face was mascara-less, no awkward running panda eyes in sight! Lash Genius can also benefit healthy lashes by strengthening them to prevent breakages and pulling like some waterproof mascaras can do, so it can be worn alone as a treatment as well as being used with fake lashes to give them a refreshed look. All in all Lash Genius is the perfect all round product for your lashes and at $21 or £14 it is a versatile make up collection essential. 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Malta OOTN #3!

Top: New Look
Skirt: New Look
This was my favourite outfit of the holiday. I looked around for a waterfall skirt for ages before coming across this one in new look in a nice jade green/turquoise colour. Paired with the tribal-esq top and my fake lita's. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Malta OOTN #2!

Shirt: Primark
Shorts: Hollister
Sandals: Forever 21
I love this outfit combination! Pairing the navy flowing shirt with the white denim is a perfect option. White is very flattering for a tan as well. The gold and white sandals from forever 21 were the best purchase I've made footwear wise, super comfy and super versatile. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Malta OOTN #1!

Top: Limited Collection at Marks & Spencer
Skirt: Limited Collection at Marks & Spencer 
Sandals: Next
I wore this outfit on the first night to dinner. I liked matching the 'out there' lip print cropped blouse with a plain navy skirt to tone it down a little. I feel a little 70s in the tie up style top. The sandals from next are the most comfiest sandals in the world, I love the cross bar on the top. I know pink and red clash however the red was minimal and they were as far apart as possible!