Sunday, 19 August 2012

Featured Blogger: Jordan!

At just 13 years old, Jordan has been blogging for a few months and has recently changed her blog name to

THE BLOG: it is a typical beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog but with a jordan twist. I secretly hoard makeup for my blog,my blog is just my brain vomit,but I do love to review aswell!

THE BLOGGER: CRAAZZYY!! Very wierd and nuts,I secretly buy makeup and wear it all the time! I love to talk and talk (you have no idea how many times I get detentions for talking at school!) and I don't take life very seriously!

1) I go with the flow cause the flow don't go
2) Socks and sandals=someone call the fashion police
3) I get so emotional watching one born every minute!!

Thanks Jordan! 


  1. its always super cool to find great blogs!! ill definetly check it out!!


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