Thursday, 27 September 2012

Eyeshadow Pallet Storage!

Martha Stewart Desktop Organiser - £14.99 - Staples

I found this desktop organiser a while back and knew it would be perfect for housing my growing collection of eyeshadow pallets and it will look lovely perched on top of my new make up table (when I eventually move house.) The back section is perfect for keeping larger pallets such as the costal scents and z pallet. The smaller one with the MUA pallets in is good for keeping smaller ones in or even standing brushes up in and of course the longer section at the front is just made for the NAKED pallets, it also now has my MAC pallet in it too. This organiser is the most useful thing ever, you could actually use it in your office or for any make up collection as well as magazines. 
Ever used anything non- make up related to store your make up or brushes in?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

H and M Basics!

A little while ago, after watching copious amounts of youtube videos and reading a tonne of fashion blogs,  I got into the whole 'fashion trend' of pretty blouses and high buttoned/ high necked tops however I have found that those aren't exactly my 'style.' Blouses don't fit right on my body and some high buttoned shirts make me look boxy. I cleaned out my wardrobe and turned to H&M. I'm not normally a fan of H&M clothing because you and I both know some of the stuff they have in there is completely hideous, however the Jersey Basics range is a must shop. I love the wide range of plain and striped V necks, long flowy tops, tanks and long sleeved tops in a huge range of colours for bargain prices. If I could buy on of each top in each colour and style and fill my drawers with them I honestly would. The three tops above (a selection from my collection) cost me around £15 which for three tops really isn't bad. These are the most perfect selection of tops for wearing everywhere, at work, to school/university, to the gym or to be honest any day of the week. I will definitely being adding more of these to my wardrobe once I have more funds in my bank account! 
Are you a fan of Jersey Basics or are you more of a patterns and prints fan? 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel - £2.99 - Boots
Tea Tree and Witch Hazel are two things that get thrown around when searching for treatment for acne spots and scarring. I discovered boots' range of Tea Tree and Witch Hazel products which are all aimed at clearing and fighting bacteria that causes spots. Now, having suffered from acne for the longest time I am always open to trying out products that claim to help. I love the idea of this product for many reasons, firstly, it comes in a gel formula which is perfect for avoiding a build up of oil on the skin. Secondly, it moisturises which keeps dry skin at bay every night. Lastly, it acts like a shield on your face to keep out all the nasty bacteria from pillows ect that can collect on your face during the night. Applying this gel after a proper facial cleanse means you are able to fall asleep with a clean face and wake up feeling clean too! 
Have you heard of these products before or tried them out?

Monday, 24 September 2012

CNL: Crackle!

Barry M '302' Light Pink 
Barry M '322' Purple Nail Effects.
I haven't used the crackle polishes in the longest time. I found the purple one randomly the other day and thought I'd try it out over the top of the pink shade. I remember when the crackle polishes were the big thing that everyone was rocking on their nails. Now I am not so sure it was the greatest invention in the world.. however it does add a nice 'something' to a nail look, right?

Friday, 21 September 2012

What Is Love?

During a normal conversation with my best friend about boys and stuff she asked "How do we ever know what love is?" and it got me thinking, so much so that today's scheduled blog post has been put on hold. 
The saying "you know when you've found the one" used to annoy me because I never believed it was possible but I can whole heartedly say you do know ladies! Love, to me, is the feeling of being completely relaxed, comfortable and safe in every way around him. Being able to mess around and be ridiculously silly with each other without thinking the other person is weird. Cuddling up every night, sharing everything, talking about your day and having no secrets, being able to fully trust the person you are with. Those special moments when you can turn around at the most random points of the day just to tell them how much you love them, how amazing you think they are or how much they mean to you because I don't think anyone can get bored of hearing that from their partner, I know I don't. When you spend every day with someone that the thought of being apart is the worst feeling. The little things like nicknames and inside jokes. Even the fights that happen, get resolved and are never spoken about again. Thinking or talking about the future, knowing that you want them to play a strong part in it, still being together, still being as in love as you were in the first few months. Starting the day with "I love you" and ending the night with "I love you." Looking at him and knowing he is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Since being in the relationship I am in I can tell that there is so much more than just a spark, it is definitely love and there is nothing better.

What is love to you?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

How Well Do They Work? - Make Up Removers!

Part 1
I am forever buying new make up removers and face washes because nothing seems to work well with my skin and left me wondering how much of my make up actually gets removed when I'm using certain products. I decided to do a little experiment to see what is left on my face after I have thoroughly washed it. 
First up is Neutrogena's deep clean invigorating daily scrub. This is a light exfoliator which has a cooling sensation once washed off. I use this as part of my regular skincare routine every other day as to not dry my skin out. I found that there was little to no make up left on my face after using this, lightly massaging it in circular motions on the face allows the microbeads to penetrate the pores and remove a sufficient amount of make up leaving your skin feeling clean every time. Best one I have used.
I thought using a moisturising facial wash would be beneficial for my skin as it can often be quite dry however it seemed like this just sat on my skin and barely removed any of my make up. I had used this for quite a while, before thinking of doing this post, and had wondered why my skin never felt as clean or cleared up as much, now I know why. Sorry Simple moisturising facial wash you are going in the bin.. 
Another Simple product, another average working product. As an affordable dupe for any foam cleanser it works well for the price, foaming up nicely and cleansing well however there is still a little foundation residue left on my face a good cleanse. Compared to the moisturising cleanser this one works really well for the price and quality of the product. 

More comparison posts coming up soon!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Lush's Sweet Lips!

Lush Lip Scrub in 'Sweet Lips' - £5.49

Lush sugar lip scrubs have been circulating around the bloggersphere for ages now and each time I've read a review, I've wanted to head out a buy my own but have resisted until now. I don't know whether it is the insane changes in the weather, going from ridiculously warm with aircon blowing in my face to chilly wind blowing in my face but my lips have taken a battering and are dryer than ever. Sweet Lips lip scrub has become my savour! At night I apply a generous amount of the sugar scrub onto my lips using my ring finger to buff it in sufficiently before licking it off, after that I will apply a normal lip balm for added protection from dryness. I chose the 'Sweet Lips' version as it has a chocolate flavour which smells and tastes so good that you can't help but lick your lips after applying it. I know the Mint and Bubblegum flavours are really popular among bloggers but I can't stand the bubblegum taste or smell and mint is too toothpaste tasting. 
If you, like me, were umm-ing and ahh-ing about getting one of the lip scrubs, go out now to your nearest Lush store and buy one because you really wont regret it and your lips will thank you for it!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Featured Blogger: Emillie!

Emillie is a 14 year old blogger from London and has been blogging since February this year over at Emillie's World.. I loved having a read of her blog so go head over there and have a look.

My blog is basically about fashion,make up and what's going on in the world. I write reviews on fashion and beauty and do general posts or any styles/shops I like at the moment, with a few guest post/reviews from my friends.

I love fashion and beauty, I also love reading other peoples blog for beauty and style tips any idea and or comments are welcomed on my blog I like knowing what people want me to write. I love blogging because its what I want to do in life being able to help people and give them ideas, and different things to try.

1. I love anything girly and pink 
2. I am obsessed over a british boyband (but then again who doesn't have a guilty pleasure?) 
3. I'm as mad as they come.

Thanks a lot Emillie for getting in touch, it was a pleasure featuring you. The boyband you are obsessed over wouldn't happen to be One Direction would it? 

Friday, 14 September 2012

THE Ted Baker Purse!

For a while now I have been lusting over Ted Baker purses and being the lucky girl I am my wonderful boyfriend decided to treat me to my very own! After a little deliberation between a cream version and this hot pink one, we settled on the hot pink because lets be honest, it is much more me than a cream one. I love the look of these purses with the little TB hearts poking out the top, acting as the fastener of the coin section, the baby pink and gold look so pretty together. The inside is a nice pale pink with just enough card slots to house my growing collection of store loyalty cards and enough to stop me getting any more as well as an ID/Picture slot at the bottom, I am planning on using it as a picture slot. One of my favourite parts of the purse is the inside of the coin section as it is covered in pretty monochrome butterflies. I like that its done in monochrome as it makes look quite subtle compared to if it had been done in full colour. 
All in all this is the prettiest and most useful purse I have owned, plus it is super easy to find at the bottom of my bag!
Thanks Josh!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

£20 Make Up Challenge!

I recently watched FleurDeForce's video she did on the £20 make up challenge and decided to give it a go myself. The aim of the challenge is to create an entire face of make up for under or exactly £20. Trust me, it is not as easy as it looks. I began my challenge by listing what I need to create a look and then started trawling superdrug and boots website to find the perfect (cheap) items. 
From Superdrug I picked an NYC eyeshadow quad in 'Manhattan Island' (£2.99) MUA brush on concealer pen (£2) Beauty UK lipstick in 'In the buff' (£3.49) and a pack of cosmopolitan make up sponges for application (£2.19) - Sub Total: £10.67
Next up, Boots, where I chose Collection 2000 colour match foundation (£3.99) Natural Collection blush in 'Peach Melba' (£1.99) and Natural Collection Lash build mascara (£1.99) - Sub Total: £7.97.
So the keen mathematicians among us will already know that together I spent a grand total of: £18.64. Leaving me with £1.36 change which really wouldn't buy anything else. This is a great way to try out some new products you wouldn't usually go for when out shopping. 
FOTD using all these products will follow as my camera died before I could do it and photograph it!
Like the sound of this? Challenge yourself to create a look for under £20! 

Monday, 10 September 2012

CNL: Bikini So Teeny!

Thank you Essie for coming to England and bringing this nail varnish shade with you. 'Bikini So Teeny' is literally my new favourite shade. If you can see from the first or second picture this amazing baby blue shade has super finely milled, very subtle shimmery glitters in it, beautiful! I applied two coats of this polish on my nails without a top coat, my intention was to put one on however, I forgot. Three days on and I have one tiny chip on one nail other then that it has stayed pretty perfect. One thing I love about Essie polish is the brushes, they are so wide that you can cover some nails in one swoop, time saving and precision perfect. 
It's a shame they cost £8 a bottle, otherwise I would own the entire collection 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

CNL: Prince Street!

NYC nail varnish's were recently on offer (I think £1 cheaper) in superdrug and being a brand I hadn't tried before I thought I'd give them a go. I chose a couple of the 'Colour in a minute' shades which are supposedly quick drying which I agree with. NYC is catching up with Barry M on my preference list as this was a one coat job and lasts for a good few days without chipping. This shade is 'Prince Street' which is such a nice purple with a slight blue reflex. Another shade will be featured soon! 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wants & Wishes #1

The entire Models Own 'Mirrorball' collection/ Ted Baker 'Kassady' Crystal Bobble purse/ Limited Collection by Marks & Spencer Cowboy boots/ Benefit 'Dallas' Blush/ Benefit 'They're real' mascara.

For some reason I manage to do all my best internet lusting when my bank balance is dwindling and pay day seems like its about 4 years away so I can't actually afford any of the items. The result? A wishlist. Since reading ECT LLYMLRS post on the forthcoming models own mirrorball collection I am literally waiting, purse at the ready, to rush out and buy the entire collection because lets face it, glitter and sparkle is my favourite combination. I have been lusting over the Ted Baker purse recently, it has everything I need (a million card compartments, coin section, enough space for thousands of receipts and a picture window to put a hunky picture of my boyfriend in) purse perfection. Autumn in coming and I am looking to add a pair of ankle boots to my wardrobe, I found these mink cowboy boots from Marks & Spencer which seem like they could be a nice new addition, if my stylist (aka boyfriend) agrees. Finally, I've been changing my make up alliances from MAC and Urban Decay to Benefit. I used to swear by Benefit a couple of years ago but since branched out however I am now running back to them. Dallas blush is something that has caught my eye numerous times as it is my perfect blush shade in a box and the 'They're Real' mascara just looks amazing on every post I've seen it featured on and I have been wanting to try it out for ages! 

Expect to see some more wants and wishes wishlists popping up on the blog in future, Christmas is coming after all..

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Make Up History TAG

I was tagged by Candice from YouReview so here we go..

1. How long have you been wearing make up? 
Properly for about 4 years.
2. What was your favourite make up product in the beginning?
A raspberry ripple scented lipgloss from the natural collection in boots.
3. What is your favourite make up product now?
Bourjois 123 foundation
4. What were some of your favourite brands in the beginning?
I had a lot of natural collection and rimmel london
5. What are some of your favourite brands now?
MAC, Rimmel (still) Urban decay
6. How would you describe your make up 'style'?
Very natural, nothing heavy.
7. What is your everyday make up like? 
I did a post on that here
8. What is your 'going out' make up like?
Pretty much the same as my everyday make up but with some lipstick and deeper eyeshadows
9. What make up look are you known for?
I'd say my every day look as that is pretty much me all the time. 
10. What is the worst beauty crime you've committed?
I had some seriously slug like eyebrows until I was like 16.. awks
11. What is the worst beauty crime you're proud to have not committed?
I have to agree with Candice's answer, the orange foundation and lack of blending around the jaw line, not attractive
12. What is a trend you were part of but now aren't a fan of?
bright coloured eyeshadows, talk about a wash out!
13. What is one trend you are proud to say you were never part of?
Thick black eyeliner that goes up to your eyebrows, just no.
14. What is one look you will never ever go for? 
Heavy bronzer, its just not me.
15. If you were brave enough to wear any look, what would you go for?
a grey/black smokey eye, just can't bring myself away from my browns and neutrals
16. An old Holy Grail product of yours?
17 foundation primer
17. A new Holy Grail product of yours?
Urban Decay's 'De Slick' Setting spray.

Like this tag and want to do it on your own blog? Consider yourself TAGGED! 

Monday, 3 September 2012

OOTD: Winter Boots!

Jumper: Debenhams - £30 - Link!
Jeggings: Debenhams - Now £19 -Link!
Boots: Timberland

You know its time to say goodbye to summer when you get in the car and your boyfriend points out that it is six degrees, SIX!! However, once I got over the shock drop in the temperature I realised that I'm quite looking forward to autumn/winter, wrapping up warm in jumpers and jeans, cuddling up at home when its frosty or pouring with rain outside and of course, Christmas is coming! I paired some comfy jeggings and a thick slouchy jumper with my knee high, dark brown, timberland boots which I wore to death over last autumn/winter. They are my go to when its a bit frosty or cold outside so expect to see them popping up a lot as the weather gets colder.