Thursday, 27 September 2012

Eyeshadow Pallet Storage!

Martha Stewart Desktop Organiser - £14.99 - Staples

I found this desktop organiser a while back and knew it would be perfect for housing my growing collection of eyeshadow pallets and it will look lovely perched on top of my new make up table (when I eventually move house.) The back section is perfect for keeping larger pallets such as the costal scents and z pallet. The smaller one with the MUA pallets in is good for keeping smaller ones in or even standing brushes up in and of course the longer section at the front is just made for the NAKED pallets, it also now has my MAC pallet in it too. This organiser is the most useful thing ever, you could actually use it in your office or for any make up collection as well as magazines. 
Ever used anything non- make up related to store your make up or brushes in?


  1. this is such as good idea and i love the white too :) may have to find one of those myself :)

  2. This is such a good idea I'm going to start looking on Ebay for similiar storage
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    I'm also having a giveaway here

  3. So smart! My ever growing collection would love this!!!
    I think a lot of people use one of those paper drawer systems to store their make-up. Thats what I use :)

  4. I love the Martha Stewart Staples range, I bought quite a bit for my studies but never thought about it for makeup! <3.

  5. That looks great. It organizes all your pallets perfectly, I really want one now :)x

  6. Great idea! I put all mine in an old Glossy Box but this looks so much neater! Xxxxx


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