Monday, 27 May 2013

I've Been Featured!

Quick one from me today!
The lovely Candice from YouReview featured me on her Behind The Blog series which was super nice of her! I love Candice's blog and have done for ages so if you haven't already seen it get on over there and have a read!

Thanks a lot Candice, it was a pleasure!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Colbolt Glitter

Barry M - Colbolt Blue / Barry M - Blue Glitter

I have been looking for a Colbolt blue polish for ages and you just know good old Barry M is bound to have absolute,y any colour you could possibly want so unsurprisingly that is where I found mine. I only applied one coat of both polishes as the cosistency, especially the Colbolt, we're really thick so a second coat wasn't essential. 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Mexico Monday! 8 Weeks To Go!

Current Weight: 119lbs or 54kg
Gym Sessions: 5
Water Drank: 9 Liters
Clean Meals Eaten: 21
Cheat Meals Eaten: 4

My Oh My, what a week! I feel like this holiday is going to be here before I know it, especially as I'm at the 8 week mark already! This week I have continued to train for the 24 hour endurance bike event coming up in June, I am nervous about that! I suffered an injury whilst at work last week so I am currently writing this post from the sofa with my leg up in the air to get the swelling to go down. A nice lady decided to walk uber close past me and kicked my foot which caused it to roll at a funny angle and sprain my Achilles tendon and because I work in a shop where I am constantly on my feet it could take up to two weeks to heal properly, thanks a lot! 
My mum is away in St. Lucia this week so me and Josh are house sitting, we've seen the pizza guy a lot this week because Papa Johns is so delicious and hard to resist (sorry waistline) 
I'm hoping my foot is better sooner rather than later so I can kick some butt in the gym and get some more training done for the biking event! 
Someone remind me to get my pre-holiday injections in the next two weeks please!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Viva Lash Vegas!

As you may or may not already know, I love mascara! It is my most essential part of my make up collection and is probably worn the most out of everything. I was excited to see that Barry M had come out with a new, higher end looking mascara, compared to some of their others.
Lash Vegas retails for £6.49 which is currently their most expensive in their mascara line. I have to say it is so worth the price, I love it! It claims to give you 'Big Showgirl lashes' to keep up the Vegas theme and I have to say it really works. With just one coat my lashes are big, bold and long which is pretty much Vegas lashes all in one go. It's almost like wearing some falsies.
My only grudge with this mascara is that it is quite a wet consistency but that's something I can live with for the results it gives.
Hail my new Holy Grail mascara! Good job Barry M!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Things I Suck At..

Welcome to the Things I suck at tag! Where do I begin?

Smokey Eyes: Me and smokey eyes just don't get along. I've tried and tried to master the perfect look but somehow it never turns out looking anywhere near what I wanted it to. I tend to stick to a brown eye if I attempt it because I know for a fact that if I tried it with black and grey I would end up looking like a goth.

Eyeliner: I can't  apply eyeliner, like, it is a physical block for my brain and hand to be able to work together to create a nice line. If I ever try it ends up looking like a 4 year old has done it with a crayon. I think it is something I will just have to accept that I will never be able to rock on a regular basis.

Lipstick on my Teeth: I have braces so wearing lipstick has become a little hit and miss. It seems like any time I attempt to wear it my braces decided they want in on the colour action and decide to get covered in it. It is so annoying as I used to love wearing pretty pinks and nudes daily. Another reason why getting these metal nightmares off will be great!

Taking My Makeup Off: I think everyone sucks at this, unless you have some seriously strict routines or OCD. I am useless at removing my make up. Some nights I even think to myself "Oh, I should probably take my make up off... Actually, I'm just going to fall asleep right now.." then I wake up annoyed when my skin is oily or broken out because of my negligence! Need to get it sorted and take it off, I've only got myself to blame!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mexico Monday: 9 Weeks To Go!

Current Weight: 119lbs or 54kg
Gym Sessions: I lost count..
Water Drank: 10 Liters
Clean Meals Eaten: 23
Cheat Meals Eaten: 4

I can't believe I'm at the 9 Week mark already, where has the time gone!? 
Braces are the bane of my life. I got them tightened at the beginning of the week and was on a soft food diet for the first few days, wah! Once I was actually able to chew again I was able to enjoy the nice whole foods of normal meals which was so nice! Gym has been going well this week, feeling a lot better in myself. 
Also, I am now in training for a 24 hour charity bike ride challenge which is taking place next month! ahhh!! 
As I've got to 9 weeks I thought I would do another picture update compared to the first week and how I'm looking now. 

This holiday is speeding around pretty fast so fingers crossed I'll have reached my body aim by July!! 
See you Monday :)

Saturday, 11 May 2013

CNL: Blues!

I love this combination of colours as well as textures! Both polishes are Barry M which means they are fabulously affordable. 
love love love!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Fitness Friday! My Finspiration!

FINSPIRATION: Fit person who inspires me to get fit. 

Jodie Marsh hasn't exactly had the best publicity across her career and like everyone she has made some mistakes but making the decision to become a body builder was probably the best one ever. Jodie Marsh is my all time Finspiration, I mean look at her, she is freaking HOT. Yes, I said it, Jodie Marsh is HOT!
Looking at pictures of her makes me want to train my arse off (hardcore) to even attempt to look as amazing as she does. She is pretty well proportioned with perfectly sculpted arms, amazing legs and a killer core. I want, I want, I WANT!!
I first got behind Jodie when I watched the shows following her body building and since then have just been in awe of her dedication and pay off.
I wish I could actually get to this incredible state before Mexico in just 9 weeks time but some how I think that may be impossible.
Someone go and get me some joggers and a sports bra, it's a start right?

Who's you're Finspiration?

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Mexico Monday! 10 Weeks To Go..

Current Weight: 120lbs or 54.4kg
Gym Sessions: Six
(2 x Pre Breakfast Cardio, 2 x Back & Biceps, 1 x Chest & Triceps, 1 x Legs)
Water Drank: 11 liters
Clean Meals Eaten: 20
Cheat Meals Eaten: 3

I'm thinking of re-naming this Mexico Monday on a Tuesday as I never seem to have the time to write up on a Monday after work! I've been really applying myself at the gym over the past couple of weeks and I'm feeling a lot better for it (ask Josh, I am fascinated by my biceps and triceps right now #GunShow) Eating a lot cleaner this last week two minus the weekend trip to Josh's dads for a couple of meals out for special occasions. Next week I am going to give it the beans so when I post up my week 9 picture you might actually be able to tell the difference from week 12! 
I'm still not enjoying drinking so much water that I'm peeing all the time but hey, its for a good reason right?
See you on Monday, like it actually will be Monday next week, Promise!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Water Bobble

The taste of tap water isn't always great and the cost of buying bottled water soon adds up. Enter the water bobble, an absolutely genius invention by bobble. The water bobble is a basic plastic bottle with a filter attached to the screwed on bottle cap, you can fill the bottle with normal tap water and drink out if it like a normal bottle, however instead of getting the nasty taste of tap water the filter at the top takes out all the nasty stuff and only delivers the nice fresh tasting water to your mouth and it does all this while you drink! Clever little thing. 
The bobble is available in two sizes 550ml and 1 litre, both for the cost of around £8 - £10, from amazon, John lewis and boots. The filters claim to give you up to 300 bottles of water for just £5 - £6 which is an absolute bargain if you think about it as being just a one off payment of £16 and you are set for 300 bottles. 

Gym goers, you need this.
People who drink water, you really need this! 
Char x