Monday, 13 May 2013

Mexico Monday: 9 Weeks To Go!

Current Weight: 119lbs or 54kg
Gym Sessions: I lost count..
Water Drank: 10 Liters
Clean Meals Eaten: 23
Cheat Meals Eaten: 4

I can't believe I'm at the 9 Week mark already, where has the time gone!? 
Braces are the bane of my life. I got them tightened at the beginning of the week and was on a soft food diet for the first few days, wah! Once I was actually able to chew again I was able to enjoy the nice whole foods of normal meals which was so nice! Gym has been going well this week, feeling a lot better in myself. 
Also, I am now in training for a 24 hour charity bike ride challenge which is taking place next month! ahhh!! 
As I've got to 9 weeks I thought I would do another picture update compared to the first week and how I'm looking now. 

This holiday is speeding around pretty fast so fingers crossed I'll have reached my body aim by July!! 
See you Monday :)


  1. Ahh your progress is amazing! I'm currently in the middle of a fitness journey too :)

    I love your blog! If you have some time would you mind checking out mine? x

  2. I think that you are so brave to put piccies up and working so hard. But the results are noticeable! I'm loving fitness atm too :)


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