Friday, 17 May 2013

Things I Suck At..

Welcome to the Things I suck at tag! Where do I begin?

Smokey Eyes: Me and smokey eyes just don't get along. I've tried and tried to master the perfect look but somehow it never turns out looking anywhere near what I wanted it to. I tend to stick to a brown eye if I attempt it because I know for a fact that if I tried it with black and grey I would end up looking like a goth.

Eyeliner: I can't  apply eyeliner, like, it is a physical block for my brain and hand to be able to work together to create a nice line. If I ever try it ends up looking like a 4 year old has done it with a crayon. I think it is something I will just have to accept that I will never be able to rock on a regular basis.

Lipstick on my Teeth: I have braces so wearing lipstick has become a little hit and miss. It seems like any time I attempt to wear it my braces decided they want in on the colour action and decide to get covered in it. It is so annoying as I used to love wearing pretty pinks and nudes daily. Another reason why getting these metal nightmares off will be great!

Taking My Makeup Off: I think everyone sucks at this, unless you have some seriously strict routines or OCD. I am useless at removing my make up. Some nights I even think to myself "Oh, I should probably take my make up off... Actually, I'm just going to fall asleep right now.." then I wake up annoyed when my skin is oily or broken out because of my negligence! Need to get it sorted and take it off, I've only got myself to blame!


  1. this post made me giggle! I suck at smokey eyes too x

  2. Totally agree with the smokey eye and eyeliner.. my brain just can't process the steps and it ends up looking a mess!


  3. I love eyeliner! In india we use it on a regular basis. We use something called KAJAL, it is usually put on the waterline and I found that the more I practiced there, the straighter the line is.

  4. i'm exactly the same, Char, i cannot for the life of me do smokey eyes or eyeliner and i'm terrible for night time cleanses! glad i'm not the only one! xxx


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