Monday, 30 April 2012

April Glossybox

What I Got:
Monu Hand & Nail Cream - love this!
Philip B Styling Gel - Not a fan
Caudalie S.O.S Thirst-Quenching Serum - I like.
Figs & Rouge Lip Balm - Smells amazing!
Inika Cosmetics Organic Lip Liner - really pretty colour, love!

This months box wasn't too bad really, A couple of full size products made a nice change to the teeny samples we normally get. I like that there a few moisturisers in there because I am always in need of them. The Figs & Rouge lip balm actually smells delicious so I can't wait to coat my lips in it. I've never owned a lip pencil before so I am excited to try the Inika one out especially as its a super pretty plumb shade. I feel like the styling gel is something that I wont get on with so before even properly trying I've kind of discarded it, I know its a bad thing to do and it probably a really great product but not something I would go for. 
Despite this months box being quite good I have decided to un-subscribe from the Glossybox scheme. After being quite disappointed with a few of the boxes I decided that it was probably best to just cancel it and spend the £12.95 on products I actually like and know I will get proper use out of. 
Goodbye Glossybox!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Peek At My Week (#4)

Reached 10,000 page views/ Busy day's/ Woburn Abbey/ Pretty Sunset/ Chinese/ Ducks at college/ Trying to be healthy/ My last glossybox/ Addicted to the Logo quiz.

I finally reached 10,000 page views which is like a massive milestone for me cause that's a fair bit of traffic through my little blog/ I find I'm more motivated to work if I make 'To Do' lists because I get a little kick from crossing them off when they are done/ Woburn Abbey is so beautiful to visit, well worth it/ Despite the 'drought' excessive amount of rain we've had recently I did manage to get a nice picture of a real pretty sunset this week/ Yummy Chinese/ There are a little family of ducks in the courtyard-y bit of college, one of my lecturers is happy about that cause he loves ducks/ I'm trying to be healthy, sometimes/ Got my last glossybox yesterday, I say last because I'm thinking of unsubscribing and spending £12.95 on something I actually know I will use/ I am addicted to playing the logos quiz on my Ipad after seeing Kelly at college playing it (briefly) 

Have a good day! 

Friday, 27 April 2012

Missguided Wishlist

Missguided has quickly become my favourite online store and making up a lot of the content of my drawers and wardrobe. Everything on there is my kind of style (give or take a few items) but I always find myself on there, filling up my basket and spending a little more than I should on clothes I probably don't really need but can't say no to! I put together a little wishlist of some items I will be adding to my basket come pay day, ready for the summer! 
Denissa Belted Skate Dress - £12.99 - LINK
Raffi Asymmetric Jersey Skirt - £14.99 - LINK
Bexi Hot Pants - £12.99 - LINK
Weroma Leather Look Leggings - £16.99 - LINK
Deina Suede Platform Lace Up Shoe Boots - £40.99 - LINK

Shopping time! 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Letters To Some Friends

My best friend of 9 years!
What the hell would I do without you! You have been my rock for the last 9 years of our life. keeping me sane, listening to me moan about life and laughing at all my hella amazing jokes because I'm 'Fxking hilarious!' We spent every single day together from the day I showed you around middle school on your first day, right up until we left secondary school together. Despite us going to different colleges we still make time for to see each other for weekly catch ups, plus texting most days about mostly pointless things just for a chat. You have been like my sister for 9 years and I can't thank you enough for everything you've ever done for me! I love you :) x

My College bestie!
Oh. My. God. You make me die laughing sometimes like seriously. You come out with the most random things and they are always lolable. I like that we mostly talk about the eyecandy ;) and instead of doing our work in computer lessons we just watch Vampire Diaries or America's Next Top Model yet still get distinctions on our work cause we are #professionals at everything! It's been a real nice two years with you and your "African Sunset Blonde hair!" even if you try and wind me up sometimes! :) #WOOHOO! love yaa x 

When I started blogging I never realised how nice the blogging community really is! Every single person who has followed or commented on my blog have always been so nice. It really makes me want to carry on blogging forever! I am determined to meet a lot of you in the next few years to really get to know the people behind the blogs. Thank you so much! big love xc

You make me smile and you don't even know it.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Woburn Abbey; OOTD

Today me and my Grandma took a little trip to Woburn Abbey to have a mooch around. We've been meaning to go there for a while to have a look around the Abbey and today we finally managed it! I was going to do some outfit pictures actually at Woburn but it was raining quite bad when we got there so I took a few in my room before hand, hence the crappy lighting and blurryness of the pictures (sorry!) They will get better eventually! 

Black Top; Marks & Spencer 
Knitted Jacket; Marks & Spencer
Jeans; New Look
Bag; Louis Vuitton, Speedy 35

Unfortunately you can't take pictures inside the Abbey its self which is such a shame because everything in there is so beautiful! I found it quite strange that hundreds of years ago people used to walk round there, eat at the dinner tables and sleep in the beds. 
When we finished in the Abbey the sun had come out so we decided to have a bit of a wonder round one of the massive gardens and look at the sculptures they had, some for an art thing they have going on until August. I took a few pictures of that so I figured I'd share a few with you all. Me and my Grandma are already planning on going back when it gets a bit warmer to have a proper walk around all the gardens. 


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

MAC 'Pinch O' Peach' Blush!

Wow, Oh, Wow! This is the first ever Mac blush I have owned and boy am I glad its a permanent fixture in their range. 'Pinch O' Peach' is a sheertone powder blush that looks like a real bright pink and a little daunting in the pan yet applies light and peachy on the cheeks and can be built up easily to create a shade closer to the shade in the pan. Peach tones are definitely my favourites when it comes to blushes and despite this not looking very peachy it is fast becoming my favourite blush in my collection. The blush is super pigmented so in my honest opinion less is more, unless the whole "I've just ran a marathon and that's why my cheeks are bright pink look is your kind of thing, so when applying I suggest lightly dabbing your blush brush in the pan once or twice rather than swirling it around and packing product onto the brush! 
I highly, highly recommend this to each and every one of you who don't already own this blush, it retails at £17.50 I believe which is a little pricey but it is so worth it! 

Out of curiosity, do any of you have any recommendations for a decent curling wand that allows you to do loose, beachy waves? Leave them below please, I'm on the market for a new one! 

Monday, 23 April 2012

Missguided + Primark Haul!

Who doesn't love a bit of shopping? I know I do. When my mum told me she had booked our holiday to Malta I was straight on the internet to my all time favourite website missguided to find some new summer items.

Aztec Detail Denim Shorts

Abbin Aztec Print Bodycon Skirt

Violetta Tailored Blazer

(this really needs an iron!) I already have the blue version of this and I absolutely love them. Pink seems to be very in this season.

Next up I headed to primark to see what they had to offer, surprisingly they have a lot of nice things in there at the moment yet I only picked up a couple of items, for now..

Sheer shirt 

So looking forward to pairing this with some shorts and sandals in the summer sun! 

White Shorts

Love love love these! white always makes you look more tanned and they go really well with the top above.
I also got a bandeau to go under the sheer shirt but its in the wash so no picture! it was £2.50

I'm too scared to look at my dwindling bank balance this month because I seem to be spending a lot of money! Roll on summer! 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Peek At My Week (#3)

Messy make up area/ Primark shopping/ Behind the scenes of an OOTD post/ Home alone so I had a movie night/ Finally on the 6th Harry Potter book/ Missguided shop (haul soon)/ McFly gig on Thursday/ McFly tour/ Hunks of Chocolate, a delicious birthday present.

Been a pretty busy week this week with college assignments due in and travelling up to Birmingham. I did a little bit of shopping this week after getting excited about going on holiday, I felt the need to stock up on some summer clothes. I'm trying to put a lot more effort into OOTD posts and do a few more of them, a little behind the scenes picture from this post of my camera set up, yes it is balancing on a bin. My mum went out for the night on Tuesday so I decided to have a movie night all by myself watching some of my favourites and stuffing my face with onion rings. On Thursday me and my best friend had a road trip up to Birmingham in my little beetle 'Daisy' to see McFly! The gig was amazing as always and I got a cheeky bit of eye contact with Danny (yummy!) When we were driving home we saw a tour bus broken down on the side of the road and joked about how we should pull over and pretend to be broken down in case it was McFly. I then saw this Tweet when I got home. Turns out it was them, we are both kicking ourselves that we didn't stop! 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Beginners Make Up Kit!

Now I am aware most of you are fairly clued up on all things make up but I'm kind of hoping that someone out there, or their friend/ little sister will find this the slightest bit useful.
 When you first start out with make up you really want to keep things as simple as possible until you really get the hang of things. Chose a foundation in mouse or non liquid form because it can be applied super easily with your fingers and blended out with them too, just make sure you have the right shade! Keep eyes and lips simple with a neutral coloured duo to sweep over the lids and use a basic lipbalm or light coloured lipgloss if you want to add some colour. Use a light blush for the cheeks because you really don't want to look like a clown! A sweep of mascara will add a nice bit of definition to the lashes. In regards to brushes all you will really need is a blush brush and an eyeshadow brush, for now. Make up remover wipes are a must, start taking your make up off every single night so you are keeping your skin clear.
Feeling more confident? Why not consider adding more colour variation to the eyelids, lips and cheeks with a neutral eyeshadow pallet, light shade of bronzer and a pale coloured lipstick (you don't want to leap in with the bright red lip just yet) Pencil eyeliner is a good place to start if you want to add a little more to the eyes. Concealer will hide any blemishes you have and a Primer and powder will help to set your foundation and keep it on your face for longer. Adding more brushes to your collection, try a big powder brush when setting your foundation and some varied sizes of eyeshadow brush to create multiple colour looks one your lids. 
Feel like experimenting with foundation? Try a liquid or a gel foundation with a medium to full coverage to prevent it looking cakey. Don't try and apply this with your fingers try out a stippling brush or a buffing brush to really blend it all in and reduce the chance of streaky lines. Blend down onto your neck so you don't have that awkward foundation face line.
Feeling like a pro? Start experimenting with liquid tints as blush and highlighters or cream highlighters but remember, don't go crazy on them because clown and pearly bright are not good looks. Less is always more, always! If you have oily eyelids then get a eyeshadow primer to help the looks last all day. Setting sprays are a must, they really do help keep your make up locked in place all day. They come in different ranges depending on your skin type. So useful.

Okay, well I hope someone finds this some what useful! Potentially wont be blogging again until Saturday as I'm going to see McFly tomorrow and have some college work potentially due in on Friday, busy busy! 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

CNL: I'm Blue!

A quick post tonight on the nail look I'm wearing as I type. Please excuse the messy bits on my right hand, I forgot to tidy them up before photographing them. So I was inspired by Cherry's post on her look nail varnish purchases. Instead of the purples I went for Jack Wills 'Turquoise' nail varnish (My new favourite shade) and a Barry M pure blue glitter polish from about 2 years ago. I love how they look together plus I'm always a sucker for some sparkle so glitter polishes are a must on my nails right now. 

I am now going to spend the rest of the evening watching movies, eating junk food and reading blogs. Hope you all have/had a lovely day! (depending on where you are in the world)

Monday, 16 April 2012

OOTD: Pre College Day.

Jumper; Pull&Bear
Jeggings; Hollister
My two new favourite additions to my wardrobe. The hollister jeggings are the most comfortable things in the world to wear on a casual day like today. I have been eyeing these types of shoes for the longest time and after getting them for my birthday I will wear them at any occasion, they are so comfy and easy to walk in. I nipped out quickly this morning to the doctors and was told I am suffering from a little mental and physical exhaustion which is just what you want to hear the day before you go back to college. Spending the rest of the day on the sofa watching some movies and trying to relax a little.
On My Face:
Urban Decay De Slick setting spray
Rimmel primer - Not Pictured
 17 Miracle Matte Foundation - Fair
Collection 2000 concealer - Fair 1
Rimmel Match perfection powder - Ivory
MAC powder blush - Pinch O' Peach
Rimmel extra super lash mascara
Revlon lip butter - Cupcake

Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Peek At My Week (#2)

Wearing my birthday badge on Monday for my 19th/ Doing some damage in Westfield Stratford with my Mum/My parents call me spud, apparently named after the SpudULike restaurant and I finally got to eat at one/Got my first tattoo on Wednesday for my granddad who died before I was born, I'm always told he is the brightest star in the sky/ My dog just casually chilling in my bath, seems to be his new favourite place/ Eating my last one direction cupcake, yummy Louis.

I'm thinking of making this a new regular feature, every Saturday, on my blog. Now that Instagram has been launched for Android I can take a whole load of pictures of the week. I know a tonne of people do them but I like reading them so why not do one of my own? 


Friday, 13 April 2012

The Beauty Blogger Bandwagon!

It happens to all of us, we scroll through blogs we love and read many reviews of products that have been raved about by bloggers. They get us interested in a product and soon enough we are at the shop buying it, trying it and reviewing it ourselves. Within a couple of weeks products are everywhere across the bloggersphere and become the next best thing until the next one comes along. So here I am, waiting for the beauty bandwagon to roll past so I can hop on.
1. Collection 2000 cream puff lip cream in 'Cotton Candys' 2. Collection 2000 Lasting perfection concealer in '1 - Fair' 3. Revlon lip butters in 'Cotton Candy' and 'Cupcake' 4. Models Own x Headkandi nail varnish in 'Ibiza Mix'
These recent purchases is my way of gracefully leaping onto the beauty blogger bandwagon after seeing numerous amounts of reviews on them on various blogs. Guess what, I'm going to review them! (Bet you weren't expecting that)
1. So I'm a bit behind on the collection 2000 craze on the cream puff lip products and the lasting perfection concealer but I'm here now and I am loving them both! I would say the cream puff lip cream sits somewhere between a gloss and a lipstick, there needs to be more of these around because they are so good. It doesn't have the typical stickiness of a lipgloss which is a bonus for those windy days. The colours are fairly similar and limited to pinks but they are nice, I'd buy more. 2. When people said this concealer was their holy grail I wasn't so sure but as soon as I swatched this it was the perfect shade. I used it on a small section of my face and it covered the blemishes amazingly. It's limited to 2 or 3 shades which is a shame but it's cheap and it works like a dream. 3. Lip butters have been around the bloggersphere for the longest time as it took so long for them to be released over here in the UK. I'm so glad they did because I love them. The range of shades is vast which means there is a colour to suit everyone. I feel like they just melt onto your lips, leaving a sheer colour and a lot of moisture. Amazing. 4. I have wanted a thick glitter polish for ages and when the models own 'Ibiza Mix' rocks up over blogs I had to have it. It works perfect worn over any colour due to the range of coloured glitters in the bottle so its versatile and so pretty!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Birthday Shopping Haul

Me and my mum took a trip down (or up?) to Westfield Stratford for a serious dose of retail therapy and a chance for me to spend some of the pennies I got for my birthday on Monday. It is amazing there, we spent about 4 hours wondering around three floors and still managed to miss out a tonne of shops. We already have plans to go back soon, especially as there is a Victoria's Secret being built! 
Blazer; missguided. Top; Leggings; New Look. Boots; Schuh. Bag; New Look
I decided to dress fairly comfy so I went for leggings, a plain slightly cropped t-shirt and yes I am wearing leggings as trousers, I am sorry if that offends anyone but they are thick and you can't see my underwear through them! I went for my favourite cowboy boots and my new satchel, a birthday present to myself.
MAC. My first ever trip into a legit mac store, instead of a counter in debenhams. Took me nearly 10 minutes to find someone to help me but eventually I chose two eyeshadows for my pallet. On the left is 'Stars'N'Rockets' and on the right is 'Digit'. I successfully moved away from the neutrals and onto some actual colour! Both £10. BOOTS. 3 for 2 deals suck me in and force me to spend money. I chose three lip products I've wanted to try for a while, Collection 2000's Cream puff lipgloss in 'Candyfloss' a deepish pink colour (£2.99), A revlon lip butter in 'Cupcake' a light frosty pink shade (£7.99) and 17 beauty crush lipstain in 'Bombshell' a deep pink (4.99). HOLLISTER. I was determined not to buy any clothes from hollister and I succeeded (yay me!) instead I bought some of their body products purely because someone had sprayed this one and it smelt beautiful and fruity, my favourite. I chose the 'Solana beach' range, they were £10 each or three for £18 so I picked up the body spray, hand lotion and body lotion. 
PULL&BEAR. I've never been in this shop before and I spotted so many things I wanted to buy but I settled on this jumper. I loved the pastel blue and pink on a cream background with the tribal-esq print. Already planning to pair this with some pale pink hot pants on the warmer days. (£19.99) NEXT. I love next bikini's so when I spotted this one I just had to have it! I love the pink and navy blue stripes together, very Jack Wills. I'm going to pair this with plain pink or navy bottoms I think. (£14) FOREVER21. I spotted this skirt on the end of the returns rack outside the fitting room, I hadn't seen it anywhere in the store and it was in my size, fate? I think so. It reminds me of something Mollie King (The Saturday's) wears and she is pretty much my style icon so I had to have it really (£14.75). I really loved the style of the sandals with the white and gold detailing. Me and mum recently decided on a holiday so I'm thinking ahead to how good they will look with a tan! (£6) 
So I didn't get a massive amount and I still have money to spare so more hauls soon! 

In other news I have leapt gracefully onto the Instagram bandwagon now its available on android (hooray!) so if you've got it then please follow me, my username is: ITSCHARRX I will be forever grateful and of course follow you back! 

Monday, 9 April 2012

Birthday Weekend!

Dress; Quiz, FOTD, Leopard Wedges;
So my birthday celebrations started on Saturday with my lovely friends from college and my besties. It involved a steady stream of alcohol, laughing and a bit of friendly competition on Just Dance 1&3. I finally got to wear my wedges that I've been wanting to wear for the longest time! 
Leopard Wedges;, Top; Debenhams, Skirt; Marks&Spencer, Charm Bracelet; Thomas Sabo, Ring; Disneyworld
I decided on a more casual outfit for lunch with my mum's side of the family on Sunday so I chose a high waisted skirt and floral shirt. I found another outfit I could wear my wedges with, twice in one weekend was a bonus. I got the Thomas Sabo bracelet for my 18th last year, its so pretty. Yes my ring really is from Disneyworld in Florida. I had a really nice meal and time with the family, as always!
My mum is the best. She made me One Direction cupcakes and a big cake (with my name on it) for my birthday. She put a lot of time and effort into getting the toppers and making them all. I was so happy and they were delicious! By the way, I really did turn 19.. :P
L-R: Birthday banners! Presents wrapped in One Direction paper and gift bag. Birthday card made by my friends on the back of a Corona box. One Direction birthday cards from friends & family. My birthday present to myself. LITA's (they are fakes but love them anyway) some MONEY! Classic red converse Hi-Tops. Legit One Direction pyjamas (for 14-15 year old's, I'm now 19.) from my dad.
Dress; Primark. Badge; Sainsbury's. Shoes;
So today I spent the day chilling at home and eating a tonne of junk before going out to dinner with my dads side of the family. Tasty! I wore a coral coloured butterfly dress from primark and my brand new Lita copies, they are so freaking comfy! 
Tomorrow I am off to Westfield to do some serious shopping with my mum, so excited! Thank you for all the birthday wishes on previous posts and twitter, you lot are so lovely! 

Friday, 6 April 2012

CNL: Birthday Nails!

Encase you didn't already know through my constant mentioning of it on twitter and posts on here it is my birthday soon, on Monday 9th to be precise. I am rather excited. I went for bright pink and glitter because lets face it they are my two favourite nail colours. I chose the Jack Wills 'Hot Pink' applied two coats and then topped it of with what seems to be coming a blogger favourite, Models Own hedkandi collaboration in 'Ibiza Mix'. I had been looking for a chunky glitter polish for ages so when I spotted this in boots I had to have it! 
The pictures don't really do the glitter polish any justice but it looks real pretty in real life! 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Empties #1!

1. Simple moisturising face wash. 2. Urban decay de slick. 3. Blink & go mascara. 4. mememe seventh heaven primer. 5. Batiste dry shampoo, hint of colour, brunette. 6. Quinoderm. 7. Sephora brush cleaning wipes.
I have seen a few of these types of posts floating around and figured why not share my empties with you. I guess the concept I'm going for in this post is to show you what I have managed to use up over the past few months and let you know whether I will be repurchasing them or not. I only really thought of doing this post last month so there are only a small selection of empties that I didn't throw in the bin out of impulse. 

1. The simple moisturising face wash has been a good discovery as it effectively removes all traces of make up and gives a bit of moisture to the skin. It has lasted nearly three months and for around £3 I will definitely be repurchasing this. 2. I got De Slick in August last year and it has only just ran out, like today. How amazing is that for something that I use twice a day. It really is worth its £19 price tag. Already repurchased. 3. The mascara came in a glossybox a few months back. I have enjoyed using it as it really lengthens and volumises the lashes but unfortunately the price tag puts me off. No repurchase. 4. The seventh heaven primer is my new favourite primer, it smells delicious and is a great foundation base. I will be repurchasing this asap! 5. Batiste dry shampoo with a hint of colour is perfect for brunette's, no longer do you have to worry about white marks in your hair. I really like this however I am going to try out the tresemme dry shampoo first. 6. I am planning a full review of Quinoderm soon but I will be repurchasing it, it's an acne sufferers dream. 7. Sephora brush cleaning wipes are amazing for clearing off excess on the brushes after use and keeping them cleaner for longer without a massive deep clean. I have a spare packet already! 


Monday, 2 April 2012

March Favourites!

It's April so you know what that means! That's right, it's my birthday in SEVEN days and I'm excited! Also, its April so it's time for my favourite picks of March. I'm pretty impressed that I'm getting this post up on the 2nd of April as opposed to the usual half way through the month. Enough chat, lets get to it.
I figured I would start with something that the blogging world has been going on about for months, the urban decay naked2 pallet. I vowed not to buy this pallet but when Angie from sexy at midnight was holding a giveaway that featured the pallet I couldn't resist entering, and I won! Ever since I received the pallet I have loved it and used it so much. I'm not going to bore you with a review because I'm sure you all either own it or have heard more then enough about it but lets just say its a neutrals paradise! 
Onto the other favourites! Soap & Glory 'A Great Kisser' Lipbalm, Jack Wills 'Turquoise' nail varnish, Viva Glam Nicki lipstick, NYX eyeshadow base, NYX 'Peach' blush.
Another giveaway gift from Angie was the Soap & Glory lipbalm. It smells and tastes delicious, it's pink, it's non sticky and super moisturising. I love it and will be buying this again when it inevitably runs out through over use. 
The Jack Wills nail varnish has quickly become my new favourite shade. It is identical to my all time favourite Barry M shade which is no longer available so to be able to replace it makes me happy. The consistency is fairly thick and it lasts a good 5 days on the nails before chipping, bonus! 
Viva Glam Nicki has been my go to lip colour recently cause lets be fair the sunshine and bright pink has worked really well together. I did a full review on that here so you can check that out if you are interested! 
The nyx eyeshadow base has become my new favourite, its slightly pearly which really gives the eyeshadow colour a pop and makes it stand out big time. Love it! Another Nyx favourite is the blush in 'Peach' when I saw it in the pan I was like 'oh my gosh that's bright and not peachy' but when applied to the cheeks it transforms into a very buildable soft peach! 

We are only 2 days into April but I have already discovered a couple of things that could be making their way into this months favourite post so watch out for those!