Friday, 13 April 2012

The Beauty Blogger Bandwagon!

It happens to all of us, we scroll through blogs we love and read many reviews of products that have been raved about by bloggers. They get us interested in a product and soon enough we are at the shop buying it, trying it and reviewing it ourselves. Within a couple of weeks products are everywhere across the bloggersphere and become the next best thing until the next one comes along. So here I am, waiting for the beauty bandwagon to roll past so I can hop on.
1. Collection 2000 cream puff lip cream in 'Cotton Candys' 2. Collection 2000 Lasting perfection concealer in '1 - Fair' 3. Revlon lip butters in 'Cotton Candy' and 'Cupcake' 4. Models Own x Headkandi nail varnish in 'Ibiza Mix'
These recent purchases is my way of gracefully leaping onto the beauty blogger bandwagon after seeing numerous amounts of reviews on them on various blogs. Guess what, I'm going to review them! (Bet you weren't expecting that)
1. So I'm a bit behind on the collection 2000 craze on the cream puff lip products and the lasting perfection concealer but I'm here now and I am loving them both! I would say the cream puff lip cream sits somewhere between a gloss and a lipstick, there needs to be more of these around because they are so good. It doesn't have the typical stickiness of a lipgloss which is a bonus for those windy days. The colours are fairly similar and limited to pinks but they are nice, I'd buy more. 2. When people said this concealer was their holy grail I wasn't so sure but as soon as I swatched this it was the perfect shade. I used it on a small section of my face and it covered the blemishes amazingly. It's limited to 2 or 3 shades which is a shame but it's cheap and it works like a dream. 3. Lip butters have been around the bloggersphere for the longest time as it took so long for them to be released over here in the UK. I'm so glad they did because I love them. The range of shades is vast which means there is a colour to suit everyone. I feel like they just melt onto your lips, leaving a sheer colour and a lot of moisture. Amazing. 4. I have wanted a thick glitter polish for ages and when the models own 'Ibiza Mix' rocks up over blogs I had to have it. It works perfect worn over any colour due to the range of coloured glitters in the bottle so its versatile and so pretty!


  1. I bought the Cream Puff because I was looking for something matte...but I almost found it too matte? I wish it wasn't in lipgloss form! Like with a doe-footed applicator :( I think it's a good product but the sweet sickly smell is so offputting! but the lasting perfecting concealer is Godly! I couldn't live without it! xxxx

  2. I brought Revlon "gumdrop" lip butter and at 1st I didn't like it but now that I figured out how to make it work for me, i'm Loving it!!!!

  3. i love the lasting perfection concealer, its the best one i have ever used! and i really want to try the revlon lip butters, but whenever i go into boots/superdrug i can never choose a shade :S xxx

  4. I love the concealer and cream puffs :) I managed to get both a lip butter and the ibiza mix today :) excited to use them ;)



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