Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Birthday Shopping Haul

Me and my mum took a trip down (or up?) to Westfield Stratford for a serious dose of retail therapy and a chance for me to spend some of the pennies I got for my birthday on Monday. It is amazing there, we spent about 4 hours wondering around three floors and still managed to miss out a tonne of shops. We already have plans to go back soon, especially as there is a Victoria's Secret being built! 
Blazer; missguided. Top; Leggings; New Look. Boots; Schuh. Bag; New Look
I decided to dress fairly comfy so I went for leggings, a plain slightly cropped t-shirt and yes I am wearing leggings as trousers, I am sorry if that offends anyone but they are thick and you can't see my underwear through them! I went for my favourite cowboy boots and my new satchel, a birthday present to myself.
MAC. My first ever trip into a legit mac store, instead of a counter in debenhams. Took me nearly 10 minutes to find someone to help me but eventually I chose two eyeshadows for my pallet. On the left is 'Stars'N'Rockets' and on the right is 'Digit'. I successfully moved away from the neutrals and onto some actual colour! Both £10. BOOTS. 3 for 2 deals suck me in and force me to spend money. I chose three lip products I've wanted to try for a while, Collection 2000's Cream puff lipgloss in 'Candyfloss' a deepish pink colour (£2.99), A revlon lip butter in 'Cupcake' a light frosty pink shade (£7.99) and 17 beauty crush lipstain in 'Bombshell' a deep pink (4.99). HOLLISTER. I was determined not to buy any clothes from hollister and I succeeded (yay me!) instead I bought some of their body products purely because someone had sprayed this one and it smelt beautiful and fruity, my favourite. I chose the 'Solana beach' range, they were £10 each or three for £18 so I picked up the body spray, hand lotion and body lotion. 
PULL&BEAR. I've never been in this shop before and I spotted so many things I wanted to buy but I settled on this jumper. I loved the pastel blue and pink on a cream background with the tribal-esq print. Already planning to pair this with some pale pink hot pants on the warmer days. (£19.99) NEXT. I love next bikini's so when I spotted this one I just had to have it! I love the pink and navy blue stripes together, very Jack Wills. I'm going to pair this with plain pink or navy bottoms I think. (£14) FOREVER21. I spotted this skirt on the end of the returns rack outside the fitting room, I hadn't seen it anywhere in the store and it was in my size, fate? I think so. It reminds me of something Mollie King (The Saturday's) wears and she is pretty much my style icon so I had to have it really (£14.75). I really loved the style of the sandals with the white and gold detailing. Me and mum recently decided on a holiday so I'm thinking ahead to how good they will look with a tan! (£6) 
So I didn't get a massive amount and I still have money to spare so more hauls soon! 

In other news I have leapt gracefully onto the Instagram bandwagon now its available on android (hooray!) so if you've got it then please follow me, my username is: ITSCHARRX I will be forever grateful and of course follow you back! 


  1. no matter if it is true or not, i think its immature to write this all over blogger.
    but it looks like you got some really nice thingss, i wish i had a mac near me the nearest ones like 100 miles away or something!

  2. Not addressing the first comment.

    I think this is a great haul! I love stars and rockets, really adds depth to a look. I'm glad you had a nice Birthday! =)

  3. Regardless of the above comments which i'm sure Char will address, I do like that New Look bag - they are one of the best places for bags.

  4. Following you on instagram now, lovely! My username's so_divine :)
    Your outfit looks gorgeous, by the way. Not really a huge fan of leggings as trousers, but you've styled them really well!
    I love love love Westfield Stratford, I'm there at least twice a week now I'm back in London haha, and it looks like you got a lovely haul :)

    As far as I'm concerned those nasty comments above don't exist, honey xx

  5. Oh! I love all the items you got especially the bag!! So lovely!

    <3 Denise

  6. nice outfit, lovely bag)

  7. Happy Belated Char! I've been so busy and haven't had a chance to wish you a lovely birthday! You got some great gifts especially the amazing Mac haul :) Have a fab day and ignore the haters. :)

  8. I meant happy belated birthday haha duh!

  9. A belated happy birthday, hope you had great one. We love pull and bear! We always manage to spend a fortune in there.

    X x


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