Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Woburn Abbey; OOTD

Today me and my Grandma took a little trip to Woburn Abbey to have a mooch around. We've been meaning to go there for a while to have a look around the Abbey and today we finally managed it! I was going to do some outfit pictures actually at Woburn but it was raining quite bad when we got there so I took a few in my room before hand, hence the crappy lighting and blurryness of the pictures (sorry!) They will get better eventually! 

Black Top; Marks & Spencer 
Knitted Jacket; Marks & Spencer
Jeans; New Look
Bag; Louis Vuitton, Speedy 35

Unfortunately you can't take pictures inside the Abbey its self which is such a shame because everything in there is so beautiful! I found it quite strange that hundreds of years ago people used to walk round there, eat at the dinner tables and sleep in the beds. 
When we finished in the Abbey the sun had come out so we decided to have a bit of a wonder round one of the massive gardens and look at the sculptures they had, some for an art thing they have going on until August. I took a few pictures of that so I figured I'd share a few with you all. Me and my Grandma are already planning on going back when it gets a bit warmer to have a proper walk around all the gardens. 



  1. What a lovely looking place! I bet its so nice when the sun decides to shine too. Those huge glasses are funny though.

  2. It's lovely around Woburn, there are some nice restaurants too.

    It's a shame about the weather.


  3. these photos look lovely :)
    and I like you boots xx

  4. Great post, I love you shoes and those giant sunglasses are so cool :)
    I hope you will follow my blog :)


  5. love the shoes!! lovely pictures too x


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