Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Beginners Make Up Kit!

Now I am aware most of you are fairly clued up on all things make up but I'm kind of hoping that someone out there, or their friend/ little sister will find this the slightest bit useful.
 When you first start out with make up you really want to keep things as simple as possible until you really get the hang of things. Chose a foundation in mouse or non liquid form because it can be applied super easily with your fingers and blended out with them too, just make sure you have the right shade! Keep eyes and lips simple with a neutral coloured duo to sweep over the lids and use a basic lipbalm or light coloured lipgloss if you want to add some colour. Use a light blush for the cheeks because you really don't want to look like a clown! A sweep of mascara will add a nice bit of definition to the lashes. In regards to brushes all you will really need is a blush brush and an eyeshadow brush, for now. Make up remover wipes are a must, start taking your make up off every single night so you are keeping your skin clear.
Feeling more confident? Why not consider adding more colour variation to the eyelids, lips and cheeks with a neutral eyeshadow pallet, light shade of bronzer and a pale coloured lipstick (you don't want to leap in with the bright red lip just yet) Pencil eyeliner is a good place to start if you want to add a little more to the eyes. Concealer will hide any blemishes you have and a Primer and powder will help to set your foundation and keep it on your face for longer. Adding more brushes to your collection, try a big powder brush when setting your foundation and some varied sizes of eyeshadow brush to create multiple colour looks one your lids. 
Feel like experimenting with foundation? Try a liquid or a gel foundation with a medium to full coverage to prevent it looking cakey. Don't try and apply this with your fingers try out a stippling brush or a buffing brush to really blend it all in and reduce the chance of streaky lines. Blend down onto your neck so you don't have that awkward foundation face line.
Feeling like a pro? Start experimenting with liquid tints as blush and highlighters or cream highlighters but remember, don't go crazy on them because clown and pearly bright are not good looks. Less is always more, always! If you have oily eyelids then get a eyeshadow primer to help the looks last all day. Setting sprays are a must, they really do help keep your make up locked in place all day. They come in different ranges depending on your skin type. So useful.

Okay, well I hope someone finds this some what useful! Potentially wont be blogging again until Saturday as I'm going to see McFly tomorrow and have some college work potentially due in on Friday, busy busy! 


  1. this is a really good guide. would have been handy to have read something like this when i first started wearing make face much haha.. so jealous you're seeing McFly </3 x

  2. I did a post like this and (surprisingly) people really liked it. I guess sometimes we forget that not everyone has had as much experience with makeup as we have!

  3. What a great guide! I still have friends who really don't know what to do when it comes to make up so I may be forwarding this on to them!
    Stace x

  4. Great post bery informative for make up begginers :) I hope you will follow my blog :)


  5. Aww, this is such a handy post for beginners! Wish I'd had something like this around when I was starting out haha xx

  6. love the colourful brushes


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