Thursday, 26 April 2012

Letters To Some Friends

My best friend of 9 years!
What the hell would I do without you! You have been my rock for the last 9 years of our life. keeping me sane, listening to me moan about life and laughing at all my hella amazing jokes because I'm 'Fxking hilarious!' We spent every single day together from the day I showed you around middle school on your first day, right up until we left secondary school together. Despite us going to different colleges we still make time for to see each other for weekly catch ups, plus texting most days about mostly pointless things just for a chat. You have been like my sister for 9 years and I can't thank you enough for everything you've ever done for me! I love you :) x

My College bestie!
Oh. My. God. You make me die laughing sometimes like seriously. You come out with the most random things and they are always lolable. I like that we mostly talk about the eyecandy ;) and instead of doing our work in computer lessons we just watch Vampire Diaries or America's Next Top Model yet still get distinctions on our work cause we are #professionals at everything! It's been a real nice two years with you and your "African Sunset Blonde hair!" even if you try and wind me up sometimes! :) #WOOHOO! love yaa x 

When I started blogging I never realised how nice the blogging community really is! Every single person who has followed or commented on my blog have always been so nice. It really makes me want to carry on blogging forever! I am determined to meet a lot of you in the next few years to really get to know the people behind the blogs. Thank you so much! big love xc

You make me smile and you don't even know it.



  1. Cute post, it's lovely when you have nice girl friends!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  2. So sweet, and I really like the image.... adorable!

  3. Love your blog, check mine and we can follow each other if you like :)

  4. A lovely post =)


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