Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Empties #1!

1. Simple moisturising face wash. 2. Urban decay de slick. 3. Blink & go mascara. 4. mememe seventh heaven primer. 5. Batiste dry shampoo, hint of colour, brunette. 6. Quinoderm. 7. Sephora brush cleaning wipes.
I have seen a few of these types of posts floating around and figured why not share my empties with you. I guess the concept I'm going for in this post is to show you what I have managed to use up over the past few months and let you know whether I will be repurchasing them or not. I only really thought of doing this post last month so there are only a small selection of empties that I didn't throw in the bin out of impulse. 

1. The simple moisturising face wash has been a good discovery as it effectively removes all traces of make up and gives a bit of moisture to the skin. It has lasted nearly three months and for around £3 I will definitely be repurchasing this. 2. I got De Slick in August last year and it has only just ran out, like today. How amazing is that for something that I use twice a day. It really is worth its £19 price tag. Already repurchased. 3. The mascara came in a glossybox a few months back. I have enjoyed using it as it really lengthens and volumises the lashes but unfortunately the price tag puts me off. No repurchase. 4. The seventh heaven primer is my new favourite primer, it smells delicious and is a great foundation base. I will be repurchasing this asap! 5. Batiste dry shampoo with a hint of colour is perfect for brunette's, no longer do you have to worry about white marks in your hair. I really like this however I am going to try out the tresemme dry shampoo first. 6. I am planning a full review of Quinoderm soon but I will be repurchasing it, it's an acne sufferers dream. 7. Sephora brush cleaning wipes are amazing for clearing off excess on the brushes after use and keeping them cleaner for longer without a massive deep clean. I have a spare packet already! 



  1. I have never finished my mini dry shampoo to ever repurchase/try any others. The simple cleanser sounds good too!


  2. This is a really interesting post... I'll deffos be thinking again before I throw out any empties!!

    I like the sound of the Primer, as I've never used one before :O

    LottieBot x


  3. Can never go wrong with Simple products - they've just launched in the USA for the first time this year - happy times!

  4. I use so many simple products! Love them :)
    I need to try some of those sephora wipes, I hate cleaning brushes, it takes so looong to wash and dry them! x

  5. I keep contemplating the Simple Moisturing wash, but I heard bad things about it being drying and I already have dry skin. Saying that, I do have their Refreshing wash on endless repurchase, maybe it's worth a try!

    Does it remove your eye makeup or sting?

  6. Love this post please check oout my blog and maybe we can follow each other www.starryeyed-1.blogspot.co.uk

  7. I haven't seen the quinoderm before. look forward to a post on that.x

  8. Looking forward to the post on quinoderm, have never heard of it. I should look into those sephora wipes, I hate having to deep clean my brushes all the time.

  9. I've not tried the seventh heaven primer but I certainly will now!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog
    Becca xoxo


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