Monday, 25 March 2013

How I Style My Hair

A week or so ago I got my hair cut into the style of Frankie from the Saturdays, she has quickly become my ultimate girl crush, I have to say getting my hair cut this short was probably one of the best hair choices I've made due to it being so ridiculously easy to maintain and style. If I had a youtube channel I feel like this would make a more effective video but here's my attempt at styling my hair through the use of a camera and keyboard.

STAGE 1: Wash. I wash my hair pretty much every day now its short mostly because second day hair never looks good with this sort of style. I use Dove's heat protection range of shampoo and conditioner to give my hair a shield from the heat of the hairdryer. 

STAGE 2: Dry. When drying my hair I tend to give it a good go over with my towel first before getting the hairdryer. When I blow dry my hair I tend to dry the shortest side in a downwards motion to avoid any bits drying stuck up in the wrong direction (talk about bad hair day) but with the back and the longer side I dry them in all directions to give it a bit of volume. 

STAGE 3: Straighten. This stage is optional, some days I straighten the longer side and some days I don't depending on how well it's behaving. It takes about 2 seconds to do so it's not a massive effort either way.

STAGE 4: Comb, Part properly & Wax. I use a rat tail comb (2 for £1 in Primark) to part my hair down the side. Once its all in the right place I apply a generous amount of wax to my hand, rub it between my fingers for about 30 seconds before running it through my hair in all directions. Once all the hair is covered I use my fingers to style it exactly how I want it to sit. 

Frankie honestly has the easiest hair to style and now so do I, yay!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Guest Blogger!

A little while back the lovely Imogen was asking around for guest bloggers to do some posts for her while she's away in Africa so I decided to help her out mostly because I love her blog. Imogen is a great blogger so make sure you all head over to her blog to check out her posts, give her a follow on bloglovin' and have a read of what I wrote my guest blogger post about!
Thank you for featuring me Imogen! 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Everyday Make Up

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation - £27.00, Urban Decay Good Karma brush £19.50, Collection 2000 mascara £2.99, EOS Lipbalm £4.99

I feel like I haven't done a make up related post in ages, that makes me a bad beauty blogger. *slaps wrist* I feel like it might be time to do a sort of mini updated everyday make up routine even though I don't actually wear make up everyday..
My make up has become somewhat minimal with it consisting only of three actual products and one brush.
On my face I have started to use Urban Decay's 'Naked Skin' liquid foundation which I received for Christmas last year. Despite being (poorly) matched at an Urban Decay counter to a shade 3, which made me look a little on the orange side, I re-matched myself down to a shade 2 that happens to be a perfect match to my actual skin tone. Urban Decay describe this foundation as 'weightless' and I have to agree, you can barely tell its on your skin unlike some foundations that can feel like you've packed on the whole tube even if you haven't.
I apply the foundation with Urban Decay's 'Optical blurring' brush, another fabulous creation by those make up masterminds! I love this brush. It's super soft, cleans easily and does exactly what it says on the tube. It blurs any imperfection perfectly to hide them away and make them less noticeable and for someone with problem skin like me you can't ask for much more. 
For eyes I'm currently using the collection 2000 'Longer lash lengthening' mascara. I am really liking this for long, bold yet still natural looking lashes. Of course I am still relying on every beauty bloggers essential the EOS lip balm, mine is the passion fruit one, yummy! 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

CNL: Glitter & Ice Cream

Barry M - Mint Green
Barry M - Amethyst Glitter 
Both £2.99

Hello Spring pastel colours! Okay so the weather outside is still awful but hey, at least my nails look a little brighter. I have a slight issue with the Mint colour as it applies quite watery on the first coat but after two coats it looks yummy, like mint chocolate chip ice cream (kind of) as for the glitter, you should know by now that I just love my glitter! 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bye Bye GFC, hello BlogLovin'

So GFC is really going this time!?
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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Fitness Friday: A Day In The Life of a Gym Bunny!

Itscharr is venturing to new places! I am now going to be posting a little bit about health and fitness as its something I've gotten into a lot more recently all thanks to my man! I am actually really enjoying working out and eating healthy these days so look out for more posts along these lines very soon! 
For now, here is how a typical day in the life of a beauty blogger turned fitness freak goes..

5:30am - We are awake! getting up at this time is hard but once I'm up its off to the gym for a pre breakfast cardio and abs session before a 10 minute relax in the sauna.
6:30am/6:45am - Back home and ready to eat. Right now breakfast is in the form of pancakes made from between 4 and 6 eggs, 40g of ground oats and a teaspoon of flaxseed served up with some pineapple slices, yum! Food prep for the day is usually occurring around this time too.
8am - Off to work we go for 9 hours!
10:30am/11am - Mid morning snack time. This usually consists of 25g of almonds or some brown toast and peanut butter.
1pm/2pm - Lunch time! A meal of lean meat covered in nandos sauce, 100g of green veg and sweet potato. That fills me up for agesssss.
4pm(ish) - Pre workout. Time for a nasty protein shake and some brown toast so I've got enough to keep me going through an intense weights workout.
5pm - Back to the gym to kick some butt!
6pm - Home again for a post workout, protein shake and pop tarts or haribo anyone? 
7:30pm - Dinner time, my favourite is sweet potato shepherds pie with peppers and mushrooms, delicious! 
9pm/9:30pm - Late night snacking. 3 rice cakes, a handful of blueberries and some dark chocolate. I hate dark chocolate. 
10:30(ish) - I am out like a light.. Zzz..

I feel like I should of done this in Vlog form, maybe another day! 
Hope you enjoyed this slightly different type of post

Monday, 4 March 2013

My Little Blog Book!

Starting a blog book was honestly the most useful thing I ever did in regards to blogging. It's such a great way to note down any ideas for new posts, draft posts, tags and notes related to future posts so nothing is forgotten. It's just a basic pukka pad notebook that I got from tesco, I stuck my blog header on the front to make it look a little nicer and more blog like. These pads come with dividers to separate sections, I've kept two in mine, one for posts and one towards the back of the notebook for notes related to posts and tags. In the first section I list all the post ideas and highlight them in a different colour depending on what type of post it is. In the case of my book blue is general beauty posts (my most used), pink is reviews and PR posts, green is personal related posts, orange is fashion posts and yellow is giveaways and tags. Each post is then crossed out and ticked at the side once it has been featured on my blog. I find that keeping all my ideas in the book will help me on those days when I'm lacking inspiration, I can just open my book and find something that I haven't blogged about. 
At the back I have a little section for keeping my notes in. Here I will write the main points of a product review to include as well as any tags I want to do, this way I can remember everything I need to included and all the questions I need to answer. 

Do any of you have a blog book?

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