Monday, 25 March 2013

How I Style My Hair

A week or so ago I got my hair cut into the style of Frankie from the Saturdays, she has quickly become my ultimate girl crush, I have to say getting my hair cut this short was probably one of the best hair choices I've made due to it being so ridiculously easy to maintain and style. If I had a youtube channel I feel like this would make a more effective video but here's my attempt at styling my hair through the use of a camera and keyboard.

STAGE 1: Wash. I wash my hair pretty much every day now its short mostly because second day hair never looks good with this sort of style. I use Dove's heat protection range of shampoo and conditioner to give my hair a shield from the heat of the hairdryer. 

STAGE 2: Dry. When drying my hair I tend to give it a good go over with my towel first before getting the hairdryer. When I blow dry my hair I tend to dry the shortest side in a downwards motion to avoid any bits drying stuck up in the wrong direction (talk about bad hair day) but with the back and the longer side I dry them in all directions to give it a bit of volume. 

STAGE 3: Straighten. This stage is optional, some days I straighten the longer side and some days I don't depending on how well it's behaving. It takes about 2 seconds to do so it's not a massive effort either way.

STAGE 4: Comb, Part properly & Wax. I use a rat tail comb (2 for £1 in Primark) to part my hair down the side. Once its all in the right place I apply a generous amount of wax to my hand, rub it between my fingers for about 30 seconds before running it through my hair in all directions. Once all the hair is covered I use my fingers to style it exactly how I want it to sit. 

Frankie honestly has the easiest hair to style and now so do I, yay!


  1. When I use to have really short hair the best thing like you say is how easy it is to style, and also to dry!

    Looks great on you!

  2. Love the new hair style, it really suits you :-) On a different note, can I ask how you edit your photos?? I'd love to be able to have numerous photos in one like yours but I just don't know how? Thanks :-) x

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous! I used to love having short hair was so simple to look after and style Xx

  4. I love this style I'm, just not brave enough x

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