Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Fitness Friday: A Day In The Life of a Gym Bunny!

Itscharr is venturing to new places! I am now going to be posting a little bit about health and fitness as its something I've gotten into a lot more recently all thanks to my man! I am actually really enjoying working out and eating healthy these days so look out for more posts along these lines very soon! 
For now, here is how a typical day in the life of a beauty blogger turned fitness freak goes..

5:30am - We are awake! getting up at this time is hard but once I'm up its off to the gym for a pre breakfast cardio and abs session before a 10 minute relax in the sauna.
6:30am/6:45am - Back home and ready to eat. Right now breakfast is in the form of pancakes made from between 4 and 6 eggs, 40g of ground oats and a teaspoon of flaxseed served up with some pineapple slices, yum! Food prep for the day is usually occurring around this time too.
8am - Off to work we go for 9 hours!
10:30am/11am - Mid morning snack time. This usually consists of 25g of almonds or some brown toast and peanut butter.
1pm/2pm - Lunch time! A meal of lean meat covered in nandos sauce, 100g of green veg and sweet potato. That fills me up for agesssss.
4pm(ish) - Pre workout. Time for a nasty protein shake and some brown toast so I've got enough to keep me going through an intense weights workout.
5pm - Back to the gym to kick some butt!
6pm - Home again for a post workout, protein shake and pop tarts or haribo anyone? 
7:30pm - Dinner time, my favourite is sweet potato shepherds pie with peppers and mushrooms, delicious! 
9pm/9:30pm - Late night snacking. 3 rice cakes, a handful of blueberries and some dark chocolate. I hate dark chocolate. 
10:30(ish) - I am out like a light.. Zzz..

I feel like I should of done this in Vlog form, maybe another day! 
Hope you enjoyed this slightly different type of post


  1. I wish I could get more in to health and fitness! x

  2. The fact you get up at 5.30am makes me feel both physically ill and ashamed that struggle with my occasional 8am starts :O

  3. Hi Charr,

    I think it's great you are doing these type of posts. It would be really interesting if you gave more healthy food suggestions... the pancakes and pineapple is a great idea! Also think the new blog design is fab :)

    1. Keep your eyes pealed, lots coming up! X

  4. You have so much energy! Ha! You've defiantly inspired me to be more active. I keep saying I will go to the gym or Zumba but I've only got as far as putting a gym bag together! Xx


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