Wednesday, 27 February 2013

CNL: Signature Finger(s)

I pretty much always include a 'signature finger' when I paint my nails however, after being inspired by many pictures on instagram I decided to include the thumb on the signature action. I have been loving the combination of light matte colours and a shimmer colour, there is something quite spring-y about them. For this I used models own base & top coat, Barry M silver foil effects polish and Barry M gelly polish in grapefruit. Please excuse my hands looking like they belong to an old lady, its cold!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Packing For An Adventure: Beauty Edition!

This is such a classic post for the holiday season. I'm currently on my way down to Bognor Regis and probably sat in the car like an excited child because I've been looking forward to it for so long. If you want to know more about what I'm up to read my previous post here. Anyway, here is what I am taking in my wash bag for my week away! 
 The basics: I'm taking some baby wipes to clean any mascara off before I go to sleep, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste for obvious reasons and my tea tree and witch hazel day and night moisturizer to stop my skin from drying out and give it a bit of protection. 
The Hair: Now that my hair is shorter I can't just leave it natural because to be honest it just looks silly so I will be taking my straighteners and some hairspray to keep it looking as nice as possible!
I'm not a massive wearer of make up at the moment because I'm trying to give my skin a bit of a break for a while to see if it makes a difference to my acne ( so far so good)  it's the most basic make up selection with benefit they're real and myEOS lip balm. The cold weather is ruining my hands so moisturiser is a must at the moment. I'm taking a little bottle of body spray just so I can smell nice all the time! 

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Packing for an adventure: clothes edition!

So on Monday I am off on a mini holiday/adventure with Josh. We are heading down to Bognor Regis for a few days so Josh can train with pro body builder, Jamie Alderton (google him ladies, it's worth it!) and then we are travelling a little way back towards home to go to an amazing looking spa hotel for a few more days of pampering. Whilst we are there Josh is going to be driving some AMG Mercedes around brooklands race track at Mercedes benz world, I'm a little jealous..
I've been wanting to pack my bag for like a week just in case it makes the holiday come quicker. I thought I'd do a sort of "what's in my bag"/"holiday outfit choices" so here goes!
I've got to pack light for this trip so I've taken to packing basic things like leggings, jeggings and disco pants that can be swapped and changed around to create a few outfits, I will be taking a few more tops then the ones pictured but they are currently in the wash.
With those outfits I will be wearing my trusty red converse hi-tops or my leopard flats from missguided as well as my parka style jacket from tesco. Whilst in the spa my outfit of choice is going to be the bikini I received as a valentines present from Josh, its my new favourite one.
That's a little insight into my holiday outfits, fingers crossed it doesn't snow or rain as I haven't really accounted for those weather conditions! 

Monday, 18 February 2013

50 Facts About Me!

My name is Charlotte
I am 19 years old
I am named after my Granddad, his name was Charles and he died a few months before I was born
My middle name is Jessica, I used to prefer it to my actual name
My parents nickname for me is 'Spud' to this day neither of them know why they call me it
I am an only child
My parents separated recently & I am living with my mum
I have an amazing boyfriend, his name is Josh and I love him.. a lot
I want to move out and into my own place with Josh asap
I promised I'd buy him a Chihuahua when we eventually got a place together
I love the colour pink..
..and sparkles
Magic fascinates me
I could eat tesco coco pops all day every day
I have been growing my hair since I was 8
Until recently when I chopped it off to above my shoulders..
I have only got my ears pierced
I have one tattoo of a star on my wrist in memory of my Granddad
I like to read, getting lost in someone else's world can often help you with your own
I have been blogging for just over a year
I have braces
I love shoes..
..and bags..
..and make up..
I only really got into make up through watching youtube beauty gurus a couple of years ago
I once sung at the Royal Albert Hall, my Grandma was so proud
I adore my small group of friends
I go to the gym most days with Josh
I drive a convertible VW Beetle, it has been my dream car since forever.
I studied sports science for two years and finished the course with the highest marks you can get
I am now studying sports massage
I work part time at Marks & Spencer
I met Josh there when he became a Christmas temp on the same department as me in 2011
I am going on holiday in a few days and I am so excited
TOWIE, Geordie Shore and Made In Chelsea are my TV watching downfall
At age 12 I was on track to becoming a professional swimmer, the 6am starts put me off..
I attempted to learn how to play the guitar once, it lasted about 3 months
I once broke my wrist falling off some monkey bars
I hit a pheasant on Christmas day, it smashed my windscreen..
I now can't drive down a country road without thinking something will run out in front of my car
I worry too much
I am only 5ft3, but good things come in small packages
I was going to write this blog in the bath but my Ipad ran out of battery, typical. 
I'm going to Mexico in July for Josh's mum's birthday
I am rubbish with money, especially when boots are doing a 3for2 deal on beauty
If I was to have a baby, I'd prefer a boy
When I'm home alone I bust out moves on Just Dance 4 like I'm a pro
I love adventures with Josh, they make me happy
I like to paint my nails, most of the time with a signature finger
I'm going to be 20 this year, that feels grown up

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Live while we're young..

This year I am going to be turning the big, waving goodbye to my childhood and teenage years as they disappear off into the past and I start the phase of proper adulthood, well proper in my eyes. Most people still see their early 20s to even their 30s as a time when drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and hitting the local clubs on a weekend is acceptable and the "thing to do" but that's just not me. I sit at home cuddling up with my boyfriend watching tv, reading blogs or going to the gym.
Girls and boys my age spend time scouting out the local talent where as I see people with babies and kind of want one of my own.
I'm bored of being treated like a child, like my opinion doesn't matter because I'm just a kid. At 20 I am ready to settle down for the long run. More than anything I'd love to get move out and get engaged. Some people reading this will think I'm crazy, they'll be screaming "you're too young!" at their computer screens but I like to think that when you know, you know.
I want to do adult things.
I think I'm ready to grow up now!

Monday, 4 February 2013

The Adventure Jar!

Does anyone else find coins like 1p, 2p and 5p really quite useless and space clogging in their purse? I do, I hate the feeling of being weighed down by a heavy bag thanks to a purse overflowing with those pointless coins.
Combining my annoyance with these coins and my love of adventures with my boyfriend we created our very own adventure jar! I used to save up my coppers and 5ps and put them in my bank every now and then and end up using them on something boring like petrol or food shopping, now however,  they get popped in the jar. The adventure jar is basically our treat fund, each time the jar is almost full we take the contents down to the local supermarket and use the coin star to turn the coins into cash. The cash we get out then goes towards a treat such as going to the cinema, bowling or dinner.
On our first adventure fund cash in we had just under £20, £16something to be exact. That was enough to contribute towards a nice meal that night without breaking into the dwindling bank funds. The jar is already being filled daily ready for our next date night adventure!
Do any of you have any savvy saving tips or tricks that you do at home?