Saturday, 23 February 2013

Packing for an adventure: clothes edition!

So on Monday I am off on a mini holiday/adventure with Josh. We are heading down to Bognor Regis for a few days so Josh can train with pro body builder, Jamie Alderton (google him ladies, it's worth it!) and then we are travelling a little way back towards home to go to an amazing looking spa hotel for a few more days of pampering. Whilst we are there Josh is going to be driving some AMG Mercedes around brooklands race track at Mercedes benz world, I'm a little jealous..
I've been wanting to pack my bag for like a week just in case it makes the holiday come quicker. I thought I'd do a sort of "what's in my bag"/"holiday outfit choices" so here goes!
I've got to pack light for this trip so I've taken to packing basic things like leggings, jeggings and disco pants that can be swapped and changed around to create a few outfits, I will be taking a few more tops then the ones pictured but they are currently in the wash.
With those outfits I will be wearing my trusty red converse hi-tops or my leopard flats from missguided as well as my parka style jacket from tesco. Whilst in the spa my outfit of choice is going to be the bikini I received as a valentines present from Josh, its my new favourite one.
That's a little insight into my holiday outfits, fingers crossed it doesn't snow or rain as I haven't really accounted for those weather conditions! 


  1. hope you have a lovely little get-away! xxx

  2. have fun on your holiday! i love the bikini, the print is so cool xxx


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