Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas 2012!

As far as Christmases go, I have had better! Christmas day started off so nice. I woke up quite early (maybe the excited child in me hasn't quite grown up yet) it was really nice to wake up next to Josh and get to say 'Merry Christmas' in person instead of over text from different houses. The rest of the house, minus one very hung over step dad, were awake so we went to see if Santa had been, he had! We opened a few presents with his dad seeming to be the most excited of all of us. I was completely spoiled by Josh with over £200 worth of Victorias Secret items (eeee!!) and his family got me some lovely presents too, Thanks guys! Josh probably got the best present of all in the form of his dads Mercedes SLK(!!) Everything was going so nicely, I was in the Christmas spirit and excited for the other visits I had to do. I left Josh's house and headed over to see my dad and grandma when this happened..
On Christmas day 2012 I had my first accident! The giant smash on my windscreen was actually caused by a pheasant that decided to walk into the road and then fly up right in front of my car. It was a seriously scary experience, so much so that I can't remember anything from when I hit the pheasant to when I pulled over into a near by lay-by. I managed to call my dad through my worked up state and he came out to get me, reassuring me that I hadn't ruined Christmas like I had bawled at him. I called Josh too and he and his mum came out. Josh calmed me down almost immediately, my knight in shining armour! I am so grateful for everyone who rushed out to my rescue! I'm still waiting for my car to get fixed..
After I had gotten back to my grandmas and over the shock I began to enjoy Christmas again. I stayed there for a couple of hours before my dad took me home to my mums house for another round of present opening. Me and my mum went to my aunties house for our lunch before I headed back to Josh's house to wind down Christmas with chocolate, quizzes and tv in bed!
I am so happy with everything I got for Christmas, I can't thank my family, friends and boyfriend enough for all the lovely things they treated me too! 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

CNL: Christmas nails!

I have had two Christmas themed nail looks this year. This first one was a santa-esque style. I used a red Barry M shade on the base and topped it with a light coat of another Barry M, this time in a gold glitter shade. After it had all dried I used a 17 cosmetics white polish and painted a single line across the top of the nails to create the white fluffy effect to santa's red coat. The glitter is just a Christmassy must! 
 (Please excuse the paint on skin) The second nail look and the one I am currently sporting as I type was this blue and silver snowflake and snow nail. I used a Rimmel polish for the base is 'Azure' which is a colbolt blue shade. Once that had dried I dabbed Barry M's silver foil polish onto a piece of paper and used a tooth pick to draw on the dots and snowflakes, it took a little more time than a normal nail painting job but I think its worth it for some festive nails!

I have recently launched a facebook page for my blog, feel free to go and have a look and give it a like! you can find me HERE! I will be regularly updating it with new posts, instagram pictures plus we can have a chat! If you have a facebook for your blog, let me know and I will check it out! 

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Winter Wonderland OOTD!

Top - Marks & Spencer 
Leggings - New Look
Jacket - F&F at Tesco
Socks - Marks & Spencer
Bag - Forever 21
Uggs - Marks & Spencer

So last week me and my boyfriend went on a little trip to London do some shopping and visit winter wonderland. We left on the train around 10am and got home at nearly 11pm so it was a super long and seriously enjoyable day! We headed into London's St Pancras then onto Harrods for a little mooch round which turned into a 4 hour shopping trip inside the gigantic shop. After that we went over to winter wonderland where I had an amazing time, we decided to do everything including the rides, ice skating, circus and magical ice kingdom. After a few hours in winter wonderland we then headed to oxford street for some late night shopping and my Christmas present trip to Victorias Secret! I have the best boyfriend ever who spent a small fortune on me in there for Christmas. Thanks baby, Love you! Everything was so amazing and christmassy. I had the one of the most perfect days with Josh :) 

Friday, 21 December 2012

Holly Jolly Christmas Tag!

1. What are you doing for Christmas this year?
This year I'm going to be spending most of Christmas day in the car travelling from my boyfriends house to my grandmas house to see her and my daddy then from there I am going to my mums house to see her then we are going to my aunties house for some food and to see the rest of my family then back to my boyfriends for an afternoon of fun and love! yay!
2. What's your favourite holiday drink?
Either a costa hot chocolate with marshmallows or mint for warmth or, a new discovery, marks and spencer raspberry and cranberry juice. yummy in my tummy!
3. Candy cane or Gingerbread men?
I'm not a massive fan of gingerbread so I'm going to say candy cane!
4. What is your favourite Christmas song?
Can't beat a bit of 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' by Mariah Carey, never fails to put a smile on my face!
5. Have you ever made a snowman?
YES! me and my best friend once made a 5ft snowman in my back garden, it was amazing! Complete with stick arms, carrot nose, stone buttons, plant pot hat and a pink fluffy scarf.
6. Favourite winter fragrance?
This may sound strange but I love the smell of tinsel, fake christmas trees and advent calendars, they just mean Christmas to me.. weird.
7. Favourite Christmas Movie?
I love all the santa clause movies. I own them all and will watch them all before Christmas.
8. Are you on the naughty list or nice list?
Obviously the nice list, I am nothing but nice..
9. Show us an embarrassing Christmas card photo (we know you have one!)
In England we don't do Christmas card photos so I don't actually have one, sorry!
10. Have you ever had a white Christmas?
I think it may have actually snowed on Christmas day last year, that was nice. No chance of that this year though!
11. Where do you usually spend the holidays?
At home with my loved ones :)
12. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?
Not unless I'm seeing a family member who wants us too.
13. Can you name all of santa's reindeer?
I'm going to be honest and say no. I could just google it and type it in but lets be honest Rudolph is the only one anyone cares about
14. What holiday traditions are you looking forward to this year?
Eating so much food!
15. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
It's fake, I'm sorry!
16. Hands down, What is your all-time favourite holiday food and sweet treat?
Is it just me or does the Christmas dinner always taste amazing compared to a normal roast? Can't be doing Christmas without cadbury's festive friends! 
17. Be honest, do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better? 
I'm really excited to give everyone their presents this year, especially my boyfriends cause he's been trying to guess what they are for the last few weeks.
18. Show us your tackiest Christmas attire?
I only wish I owned a Christmas jumper! 
19. What would be your dream place to visit for the holidays?
I like to be at home around around family and my boyfriend so going away would mean I wasn't with them
20. Does your family have a special holiday recipe you like to help make?
Normally I would bake some Christmas themed cookies but I haven't had the time this year :(
21. Are you a pro present wrapper or do you fail miserably?
I like to think I'm a pro, my mum likes to think otherwise.
22. Most memorable holiday moment?
Every year seems to be as memorable as the next, I always have such a nice time over Christmas
23. What made you realise the truth about santa?
That would be my mum telling me the truth about him on Christmas day.. Along the lines of "Do you know who got you all of these presents?" "Santa" "No, me and your daddy did" </childhood> 
24. Do you make new years resolutions and stick to them?
I attempt to but I to be honest I don't even remember the resolutions I made this year, woops!
25. What makes the holiday's special for you?
Being around everyone I love and getting to spend some time with them. I like how happy and fun everything is over Christmas

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Giveaway Winners!

I am now going to attempt to build tension Xfactor style.. Que dramatic music and lighting! 

The two runners up winning the floral goodiebags are (drum roll)


and in first place, winning the golden goodiebag we have (even longer, more drawn out and dramatic drum roll)


Please can you lovely ladies email me your addresses to so I can get your prizes sent out to you as soon as possible!
Thank you for all the entries and well done to the winners!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her!

Another idea inspiring post for you today, this time for the ladies! See part one here for the men's gift guide! 

1. Books: Since the 50 shades of grey phase reading seems to have exploded with a whole load of women taking to dipping into a book during their spare time. This christmas, why not supply your girl friends with some more reading material. One of my favourite books to read is 'Safe Haven' by Nicholas Sparks, beautifully written love story. 

2. Taylor Swift 'Red' album: This is more of a personal recommendation to you all. This is possibly the best album I've ever heard. I guarantee you that there is a song on this album you will relate to and instantly love all the amazing range of classic Taylor and party Taylor songs. Go buy this for all your friends and even yourself if you don't already have it! 

3. Scarf, gloves & hats: keeping warm is kind of essential in the winter period so purchasing an incredibly on trend beanie hat to keep your head and ears warm, wrapping a super stylish scarf around your neck and slipping on a pair of gloves will leave us all prepared to tackle our busy lives in toasty warmth. 

4. Scented Candles: You can't go wrong with a Christmas scented candle! There is nothing like burning these around the house to keep the Christmas spirit flowing for a little while after the big day. Because most candles come in multiple sizes they can make the perfect stocking fillers or small gift for any girl.

5. Make up or nail varnish sets: This is a beauty blog after all so of course some form of beauty product is got to feature! I am a huge fan of the benefit make up sets that contain everything you could need to create a look fro, the smoky eye to a night out. I am lusting after the models own mirror ball collection myself so I think it's a pretty nice gift for anyone, who like me, loves sparkly nail varnish. I think these make the perfect stocking fillers! 


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: For Him!

With Christmas being only 20 days away I'm sure the majority of people are well into the swing of their present shopping with some ideas in mind, However, if you aren't then I hope something out of the four gift guides I will be posting will give you a little helping hand. Up first, we have the males, the most difficult people to buy for (am I right?)

1. Aftershave: You can't go wrong with buying any male of any age something smelly whether it be in the form of a shower gel gift set from boots for those smelly teenage boys or a sexy smelling aftershave for your man to wear when he is whisking you off on a romantic date. Some of my personal favourites are the lynx body sets and a the Gucci Guilty aftershave, I have smelt the 007 aftershave and have to say it doesn't actually smell too bad!

2. Christmas Jumper: Nothing will get them in the Christmas mood more than buying them a Christmas themed jumper. Whether you go for the classic snow flake printed ones or for something a little more 'Giant Christmas pudding slapped in the middle' I'm sure he'll love it! The best places to look for something like that seem to be River Island, Topman and Primark!

3. A Video Game: We all know most men have a love affair with their games consoles on a regular basis (well, its better than another woman, right?) so why not get him something that will keep him occupied for hours like the new Lego Lord of the Rings game, available on all consoles. My boyfriend got this the other day and I've played it with him and have to say, it is really quite fun and easy for someone, like me, who isn't very skilled in the video game department.

4. Hats, Gloves & Scarves: No matter how macho your man is he will still get cold so prompt him to wrap up warm by buying him a fashionable hat, gloves and scarf set. Even if he decides not to wear them at least you can borrow them to keep toasty in!

5. Underwear: Noticed your mans underwear is looking a little faded and old? Get him some new ones for Christmas. Underwear makes an easy stocking filler and will no doubt get used, you could go with the old classic plain ones or make it a little more fun with some character or funny ones which can be found in pretty much every shop. Each time he puts them on he can be reminded that you got them for him, always thinking of you!


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas Giveaway! [OPEN]

The festive season is here so what better way to kick it off then with a GIVEAWAY! 
Over the next two (ish) weeks you can be in with a chance of winning ONE of THREE Christmas goody bags. There will be one main winner who will win the golden goody bag and two runners up who will win the smaller goody bags. Each bag will be filled with a selection of gifts ranging from beauty to jewellery and sweets all individually wrapped for that extra element of surprise! 

- You MUST be following me on GFC 
- To enter, leave a comment below telling me what makes Christmas special to you and please leave an email address so I can contact you if you win. (one entry)
- For an extra two entries, follow me on twitter for one entry (@ItsCharrX) and tweet I've just entered @ItsCharrX's Christmas goody bag giveaway over at! for the second. Leave your twitter name in the comments so I can follow you back!
- The giveaway is international 
- The giveaway will close at 9pm (GMT) on Thursday 20th December 2012
- One winner & two runners up will be announced on Friday 21st or Saturday 22nd December 2012


Monday, 3 December 2012

CNL: Midnight Cami!

Midnight Cami - Essie
Another shopping trip, another Essie nail polish added to my collection. This time I went for a deep navy blue shade 'Midnight Cami.' Despite this being part of their winter collection I feel like this shade more accurately represents the darkest point of a summers night as it has some lighter reflects in it. It's the perfect versatile colour for all year round, love it! 

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Updated Make Up Storage!

Hello everyone, my name is Char and I have been a terrible blogger this month! I am back and this time I am getting well and truly back on the blogging train with some serious dedication! Thank you to those of you that have stuck by me and hello to my new followers! Now, onto the post! 
Who wants to see my updated make up storage?
 I did a make up storage post, weirdly, a year ago today. If you want to see that you can just click on this lovely link here! please excuse the pictures and layout, I was fairly new. Today I decided to show you lovely lot my new(ish) make up storage. I keep all my make up in the classic Helmer drawer set from Ikea (Link!) which is the pretty affordable price of £25. It comes with a set of four wheels however I didn't attach them on mine so its more stable on my floor, just a suggestion. On top of my drawer I keep all my make up brushes in the ever so useful sigma brush case, one side contains all my face brushes and the other has all my eye and lip brushes. I like to keep my setting spray and the foundation I am currently using on top too just for ease of reaching whilst putting my face on in the morning. My eyeshadow pallets are also kept on top for the sole reason that there is no where else for them to go!
The Helmer contains six drawers each with their own label holder so you can specify what is in each drawer for ease of finding. I have dedicated each drawer to a different selection of products so the top drawer contains all my face products like powders, foundations, bronzers, highlighters and blushes.  The second drawer is used for all my eye products, single and quad eyeshadows, mascaras, and eye liners. The third drawer stores all the lip products including lipsticks, glosses, stains and a decent selection of balms. Drawers four and five contain my hair products and some miscellaneous things like disinfectant wipes for my make up table, brush wipes, cotton buds and make up sponges. The sixth and final drawer is where I keep my entire nail varnish which I did a post on recently and you can see in more detail here! 
So that was a little overview of where I keep my make up collection, I'm thinking about doing an updated make up collection post soon if anyone is interested!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Classic Tailoring for A Modern Look

With the current trend for all things androgynous in fashion, the suit, or more generally tailoring, is becoming the coolest way to dress up. It hearkens back to the days when Katharine Hepburn was setting Hollywood alight – and causing a scandal by refusing to wear a skirt.

Not that a skirt cannot be part of a suit, because a neatly waisted skirt suit is a thing of beauty. It does, however, tend to look a little more corporate than a more fluid trouser suit, so perhaps it is best saved for the office.
It’s important to work out which cuts look right on you: high necklines or lower, boxy and masculine or fitted throughout. A good rule of thumb is that at least one part of your suit should be fitted to your body, otherwise you could end up looking like a boy whose mother has taken him to buy a suit that he will ‘grow into’. If you go for an oversized blazer – a look that is dominating editorial pages at present – team it with more fitted tapered trousers, rather than wide- leg palazzo pants. If you love wide-leg trousers, wear a jacket that sculpts your shoulders and cinches the waist.
Cate Blanchett follows in Katharine Hepburn’s footsteps in many ways, not least because she played her to perfection back in 2004 when she starred in Martin Scorsese’s film The Aviator. But Cate has continued to make nods to Ms Hepburn on the red carpet, wearing black and white suits with a relaxed, early 20th century feel. News has also leaked out recently that Cate will wear a Karl Lagerfeld-designed Chanel suit in the next Woody Allen film, which is currently in production in New York and San Francisco. The suit is said to be made from traditional tweed, and will be worn with a classic blouse. It sounds like sheer fashion perfection.
There are endless ways to wear tailoring, and you don’t have to stick to the traditional shirt underneath. A silky blouse with a pussy bow adds a romantic edge, while a T-shirt peeping out from behind an immaculate tailored jacket provides just the subtlest hint of punk rebellion. Take a look at the ladies’suits available now in the stores and online, and have fun putting together the
perfect look.

Monday, 12 November 2012

8 Autumn Loves TAG

1. Favourite Autumn Nail Polish
Essie's 'A List', it is the perfect wine red shade which seems to be a massive trend this season.

2. Favourite Autumn Blush: 
Vivo at tesco's 'Cinnamon Glow' its like a glowing golden rose shade which gives such a nice autumnal colour to the cheeks. It is my Go-To product from Autumn all the way to spring.

3. Favourite Autumn Eyeshadow: 
It's got to be a combination of MAC's 'Golden Flurry' with 'Soft Brown' in the corner.

4. Favourite Autumn Clothing Item: 
Got to be my new leather jacket, it has pretty much become my staple item this season.

5. Favourite Autumn Jewellery Item: 
I don't really wear a tonne of jewellery so I'm going to say a scarf as my favourite accessory.

6. Favourite Autumn Lipstick/Lipgloss:
MAC's 'Boybait' for lipgloss and another MAC product 'Creme Cup' for lipstick. My go to nudes!

7. Favourite Autumn Perfume:
My current favourite perfume that I am wearing all the time which is Victoria Secrets PINK with a splash in 'Sweet & Flirty' it smells amazing!

8. Favourite Autumn Miscellaneous Item: 
Ooh, urm.. I'm going to say big knit jumpers! They are so perfect for throwing on over the top of leggings for lazy days inside when its not so nice outside.

3 Random Autumn Questions:

1. What is the thing you most look forward to about autumn?
I am really looking forward to it getting a little bit chilly outside because I have someone to snuggle up with and keep me warm!

2. Do you go trick or treating, if so what are you planning on dressing up as this year?
Halloween has passed and I didn't go trick-or-treating or dress up as anything!

3. Who do you TAG?
From Nicole With Love
Lucyy Writes
Nicky's Beauty Quest
Jazz's World
And of course anyone else who reads this and fancies doing this tag on their blog!

Friday, 9 November 2012

CNL: Ombre Blue!

 L-R: Missguided 'Misstique.' Jack Wills 'Turquoise.' Barry M '285.' 
Essie 'Bikini So Teeny.' Avon 'Mint'
Super quick post from me today as I'm actually on my way up to Birmingham with my boyfriend for the weekend. This is the first time I've attempted an ombre effect on my nails and actually really like how its turned out. I am aware that the whole ombre trend has dwindled now but hey, it will be in fashion again soon!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Nail Varnish Collection!

I keep my nail varnish in the bottom draw of my make up cabinet. As you can see it is a fair sized collection but not amazing compared to a lot of nail varnish lovers! I also swatch the varnish colour on the lid of the bottle so its easier to find the shade I want easily.

Barry M Varnish L-R: 
262, 134, 301, 296, 305, 302, 303, 290, 295, 292, 47.

Barry M nail effects & Glitter L-R:
Black Crackle 311, Denim Glitter 325, Blue Glitter 297, Gold Foil 320, Silver Foil 319.
Jack Wills 'Turquoise'
Nails Inc 'Shorditch' 'Wyndham Place' 'South Molton Street' 'Jermyn Street'
Models Own 'Ibiza Mix'

'Mermaid To Order' 'Dear Diary' 'Tempted By Teal' 'Caught With My Khaki's Down' 'Planks A Lot'

Leighton Denny 'Babydoll'
Essie 'Tart Deco' 'Bikini So Teeny'
Missguided 'Misstique'
Deborah Lippmann 'Razzle Dazzle'

Avon 'Mint' 'Violet' 
3 unnamed/unbranded polishes
ELF 'Fluorescent Pink' 'Berry Pink' 'Mint Cream'

So that is the majority of my nail varnish collection, I say that as a few of my polishes are dotted around the house after I've painted my nails! 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

OOTD: Staple Leather Jacket!

Please excuse the rubbish quality photos, I am in the process of hunting down my camera charger so had to take these outfit pictures on my laptop webcam! I think it is the perfect time of year to buy or pull out your leather jackets on those crisp Autumn/Winter days when its not pouring down with rain. This is the first leather jacket I've owned and have pretty much worn it every day since my lovely dad bought it for me. Its perfect layered over the top of floaty t-shirts, dresses and even jumpers, worn with a thin or thick scarf when those chilling winds pick up its just right for keeping you toasty this time of year! My jacket and shirt are from the teen section at new look and as a guide, I am a size 8-10 and the shirt is a 13 year old and the jacket is 14-15 year old and both fit perfectly. All links are down below!
Leather Jacket - £24.99 - Teen Section @ New Look - Link!
Cream Tip Collar Shirt - £12.99 - Teen Section @ New Look - Link!
Nude Basic Vest - £6.00 - Topshop - Link!
Leggings (2 Pack) - £11.99 - New Look - Link!
Tory Burch Style Flats - £12.50 - Tesco - Link!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween TAG!

1. Favourite Halloween Movie?
Probably got to be the classic Disney movie that gets shown every year on the Disney channel, 'Hocus Pocus' I mean, who hasn't seen and who doesn't love that movie!? Answer, everyone loves it.
2. What Age Did You Stop Trick-or-Treating?
I think the last time I went I was about 12 or 13, after that I kind of just grew out of it and didn't involve myself in many thing halloween related. 
3. Favourite Halloween Costume You Have Worn?
When I was really young my mum made me the classic bin bag witch costume which I wore proudly around the house for days along with a little plastic hat. That costume forever sticks in my mind as a hilarious memory.
4. What Are You Going To Be This Year?
I am not dressing up this year
5. Do You Like Going To Haunted Attractions? 
Urm, No! I am a complete wuss when it comes to anything remotely scary, we're talking wont even go on the haunted mansion ride at disneyland kinda wuss..
6. Vampires or Warewolves?
I'm going to say non-sparkly more manly vampire diaries style vampires.
7. Favourite Halloween Sweets?
I'm not really fussy when it comes to sweets so anything is fine with me.
8. Do You Decorate Your House?
Not a thing, my mum is more the less obvious it is that we are in the less we will be disturbed all evening. Bah Humbug?
9. Least Favourite Costume?
I dressed up as a devil once and it came with this horrible mask that my parents forced me to wear all night, most uncomfortable thing ever plus I didn't look cute like I wanted to..
10. Have You Ever Repeated A Costume, If So What Was It?
I dressed up like a cat like two years running, Miss Original over here!
11. Do You Believe In Ghosts?
I have no idea, all I know is that every time I go to the cemetery to visit my grandads grave it is freezing cold no matter what time of year, perhaps its spirits walking around? hmm..
12. Scariest Halloween?
I never really had a 'scary' halloween, awkward.. 

Happy Halloween! :) 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

CNL: Fallen Leaves!

Russet - Marks & Spencer - £3.50
I found this polish when I was working down  in the beauty section at work (a complete dream to work in when you are a beauty lover) and it just screamed autumn to me. It's the perfect orange-brown colour that mimics those pretty changing autumn leaves that have fallen from the trees. You could get away with one coat of this polish as its such good quality so at £3.50 it is a complete steal!
What are you favourite autumn shades?

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

CNL: Inspired by a phone case!

You probably thought "eh?" when you read the title but let me explain! I recently got a Juicy Couture phone case for my Iphone and ever since it was on my phone I have loved it and the colour combination it uses, so being inspired I decided to create a nail look for it. I used three Barry M nail varnishes for this look. Firstly, I applied three coats of the 'Nude' polish on my nails and waited for it to dry completely, this sort of acted like the pale white background, just a more natural shade for the nail than an actual white polish. Next I topped the entire nail with a thin layer of the 'Gold Glitter' polish over the top, you can kind of see in the picture of the case that there is a little bit of gold glitter over it. Lastly I painted a thin line of bright pink along the tip of my nails which was my take on the bright pink sides to the case. 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


One Direction tickets arrived!/ My temporary blogging set up/ Being sexy with my boyfriend/ I'm obsessed with Pick 'n' Mix/ The pup & my boy/ Blog book/ 

Hotel room Picnic/ Baking brownies with the boy/ catching up on the blogger world/ cleaning out the cars/ Yummy treats from boyfriends mum/ Chilling in his bed until he got home from work/ Taylor Swifts album is the best album ever/ The puppies/ Cooking meals for my boy.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Tory Burch at Tesco!?

Okay, so they aren't the real Tory Burch but how similar are these!? These little beauties are Tesco's nod to the iconic Tory Burch flats that everyone in the blogger/youtube world has seen or owns, however these are avaliable for the fraction of the price. I was in desperate need of some new shoes for work and I mean, actual holes in the front and bottom! I noticed these while having a look around the clothing section in Tesco. I paid £12.50 for these flats which at a glance could easily pass for a Tory Burch shoe, a slight saving compared to the £170+ you would pay for the real deal. A super comfy, super cheap dupe from clothing at tesco, get into your local and add these to your ever growing shoe collection! 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Massive Monthly Favourites!

I haven't done a 'Monthly Favourites' post in a few months so I decided to do a post that has a culmination of a selection of my favourite products from June to September.
 Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet/ Vivo Cinnamon Glow Blush/ MUA Undressed Pallet/ Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara.
  Sigma F40 Blush Brush/ Sigma F60 Foundation Brush
 NYC 'Madison Avenue' Nail Varnish/ Essie 'Bikini So Teeny' Varnish/ Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub
Victoria Secret PINK 'Sweet & Flirty' Body Splash/ Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel/ Simple Spotless Skin Wipes/ QVS Tweezers
NORMAN! My cuddle buddie for when my boyfriend was away!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

MUA Love Hearts!

Another gem from MUA, this time from their collaboration with Love Hearts. My local superdrug has recently expanded and improved their make up section which includes a decent sized MUA stand featuring the love hearts collection. The 'Sugar lips' lip balm caught my eye as it is the perfect pale pink balm that moisturises my lips and leaves the slightest bit of colour so even on those lazy days I can slap a bit of the balm on and still look slightly put together. For only £2 some people may assume it is one of those cheap formulation lip balms however, It is not, I have been using this literally every day since I got it a few weeks ago and my lips have been in such a good condition despite the awful, cold weather. This is definitely going to be my winter essential for my  lips! 

Monday, 8 October 2012

CNL: Pink & Sparkle!

This was my attempt at creating a pink and sparkly, almost ombre effect, nails. Lets be honest, pink and sparkly is pretty much me in a nutshell so the bright pink Jack Wills nail varnish with the un named and unbranded pink glitter polish is a perfect combination!