Monday, 12 November 2012

8 Autumn Loves TAG

1. Favourite Autumn Nail Polish
Essie's 'A List', it is the perfect wine red shade which seems to be a massive trend this season.

2. Favourite Autumn Blush: 
Vivo at tesco's 'Cinnamon Glow' its like a glowing golden rose shade which gives such a nice autumnal colour to the cheeks. It is my Go-To product from Autumn all the way to spring.

3. Favourite Autumn Eyeshadow: 
It's got to be a combination of MAC's 'Golden Flurry' with 'Soft Brown' in the corner.

4. Favourite Autumn Clothing Item: 
Got to be my new leather jacket, it has pretty much become my staple item this season.

5. Favourite Autumn Jewellery Item: 
I don't really wear a tonne of jewellery so I'm going to say a scarf as my favourite accessory.

6. Favourite Autumn Lipstick/Lipgloss:
MAC's 'Boybait' for lipgloss and another MAC product 'Creme Cup' for lipstick. My go to nudes!

7. Favourite Autumn Perfume:
My current favourite perfume that I am wearing all the time which is Victoria Secrets PINK with a splash in 'Sweet & Flirty' it smells amazing!

8. Favourite Autumn Miscellaneous Item: 
Ooh, urm.. I'm going to say big knit jumpers! They are so perfect for throwing on over the top of leggings for lazy days inside when its not so nice outside.

3 Random Autumn Questions:

1. What is the thing you most look forward to about autumn?
I am really looking forward to it getting a little bit chilly outside because I have someone to snuggle up with and keep me warm!

2. Do you go trick or treating, if so what are you planning on dressing up as this year?
Halloween has passed and I didn't go trick-or-treating or dress up as anything!

3. Who do you TAG?
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And of course anyone else who reads this and fancies doing this tag on their blog!


  1. This was fun to read :) I liked your answer about what you're looking forward to the most :)

    Lea x

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  2. I hate that trick or treating isnt really a big thing in England! :( America has the best holidays haha :P xxx

  3. This is such a cute little tag post! Autumn is my favourite time of year, lovely colours, chunky knits and large cups of Hot chocolate! Xx

  4. Sorry I've only just seen you tagged me in this! I've been so bad a reading through blogs lately (and doing my own posts eeeek). I'll have to try and find a winter tag and do that!
    I also love big knit jumpers! They have some really nice ones in Primark at the moment (men and women's), you should check them out!xxx


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