Monday, 19 November 2012

Classic Tailoring for A Modern Look

With the current trend for all things androgynous in fashion, the suit, or more generally tailoring, is becoming the coolest way to dress up. It hearkens back to the days when Katharine Hepburn was setting Hollywood alight – and causing a scandal by refusing to wear a skirt.

Not that a skirt cannot be part of a suit, because a neatly waisted skirt suit is a thing of beauty. It does, however, tend to look a little more corporate than a more fluid trouser suit, so perhaps it is best saved for the office.
It’s important to work out which cuts look right on you: high necklines or lower, boxy and masculine or fitted throughout. A good rule of thumb is that at least one part of your suit should be fitted to your body, otherwise you could end up looking like a boy whose mother has taken him to buy a suit that he will ‘grow into’. If you go for an oversized blazer – a look that is dominating editorial pages at present – team it with more fitted tapered trousers, rather than wide- leg palazzo pants. If you love wide-leg trousers, wear a jacket that sculpts your shoulders and cinches the waist.
Cate Blanchett follows in Katharine Hepburn’s footsteps in many ways, not least because she played her to perfection back in 2004 when she starred in Martin Scorsese’s film The Aviator. But Cate has continued to make nods to Ms Hepburn on the red carpet, wearing black and white suits with a relaxed, early 20th century feel. News has also leaked out recently that Cate will wear a Karl Lagerfeld-designed Chanel suit in the next Woody Allen film, which is currently in production in New York and San Francisco. The suit is said to be made from traditional tweed, and will be worn with a classic blouse. It sounds like sheer fashion perfection.
There are endless ways to wear tailoring, and you don’t have to stick to the traditional shirt underneath. A silky blouse with a pussy bow adds a romantic edge, while a T-shirt peeping out from behind an immaculate tailored jacket provides just the subtlest hint of punk rebellion. Take a look at the ladies’suits available now in the stores and online, and have fun putting together the
perfect look.

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