Monday, 15 October 2012

Tory Burch at Tesco!?

Okay, so they aren't the real Tory Burch but how similar are these!? These little beauties are Tesco's nod to the iconic Tory Burch flats that everyone in the blogger/youtube world has seen or owns, however these are avaliable for the fraction of the price. I was in desperate need of some new shoes for work and I mean, actual holes in the front and bottom! I noticed these while having a look around the clothing section in Tesco. I paid £12.50 for these flats which at a glance could easily pass for a Tory Burch shoe, a slight saving compared to the £170+ you would pay for the real deal. A super comfy, super cheap dupe from clothing at tesco, get into your local and add these to your ever growing shoe collection! 


  1. these are so similar! great find xx

  2. These look crazyyyyy similar! I might pick up a pair!

  3. Wow amazing find! These are cute xx

  4. I saw these! They look exactly the same! I saw some teal coloured ones too!:)


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