Thursday, 4 October 2012

7 Things for 7 Days!

One of my favourite bloggers, Louise, from Sprinkle of Glitter did another one of her 7 things for 7 days posts so why not jump on the ever so popular band wagon and do one of my own.

Drink more water: After months of my boyfriend telling me I need to drink more water, it is time to actually get down to it and get more litres in my body. Lets hope it leaves me feeling a lot better, helps to clear up my skin and becomes a normal thing to do!

Blog more: I had a little break from blogging as much as I did when I first started and since then I've not got back into it as much so as of now I am making a concious effort to put more time and detail into each post I write and get them up more often then before! 

Make more effort: I feel like I haven't seen the majority of my family for the longest time including my dad so I think its time for me to make a lot more effort to get round and spend some time with them. I am a family girl and love being around them its just a shame I haven't been able to recently.

Cut the junk: I have been hitting the gym with my boyfriend regularly for the last few months and have started to see a difference in my body which I am loving however I am still eating a load of naughty treats! I think its time for me to cut back on the bad stuff and start getting a better diet together (with the help of my ever so smart boyfriend) so the results keep getting better! 

Get Organised: I am still, yes still, in the process of moving house and can't wait to get into my new room. I am in desperate need of sorting and organizing my clothes, make up, shoes, books, you name it, it needs to be sorted and organized. At least then everything will be easily accessible and I will have exactly what I need and can say bye bye to those items of clothing, shoes and make up that I don't need. 

Stop spending: Towards the end of the month I am constantly left thinking "where on earth has all my money gone!?" and I literally have no idea how it manages to disappear away leaving me with hardly any to get me through to pay day. I need to think more about what I'm spending money on and if I really need it as an attempt to keep a bit more in the bank by the end of the month! Hopefully when I start my new job I will have a little more to play with. 

Take care: I always know I should take my make up off every night and maintain moisturising and  keeping my skin looking as nice as possible however sometimes this just doesn't happen all the time. In order to make my self feel better inside and out its time for me to start taking proper care of myself by making the time to remove my make up, moisturise my skin ect..



  1. Great idea for a post! Helpful way to find some motivation, I always make myself little to do lists! Xxx

  2. I need to do all of this! Hahah! I lack motivation!


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