Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Giveaway Winners!

I am now going to attempt to build tension Xfactor style.. Que dramatic music and lighting! 

The two runners up winning the floral goodiebags are (drum roll)

IMOGEN (imogenrosebeauty.blogspot.co.uk)
CLAIRE LOUISE!! (xxclairelouisexx.blogspot.co.uk)

and in first place, winning the golden goodiebag we have (even longer, more drawn out and dramatic drum roll)

EMILY! (emilylikesmakeup.blogspot.co.uk)

Please can you lovely ladies email me your addresses to itscharr@gmail.com so I can get your prizes sent out to you as soon as possible!
Thank you for all the entries and well done to the winners!


  1. Ahh oh my god, thank you so much! For some reason I read my name about 5 times to check it was my blog! Hahaha thank you! I'll email you now lovely :) Congrats to the runners up too!


  2. aw congrats to the winners:)

  3. Ohhhh thank you so much huni! You've made my day! emailing you now Xxx

  4. Eeeeeeeep! Thank you so much duckie! Gah that's made my bad day so much better! I'll email you now <3


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