Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas 2012!

As far as Christmases go, I have had better! Christmas day started off so nice. I woke up quite early (maybe the excited child in me hasn't quite grown up yet) it was really nice to wake up next to Josh and get to say 'Merry Christmas' in person instead of over text from different houses. The rest of the house, minus one very hung over step dad, were awake so we went to see if Santa had been, he had! We opened a few presents with his dad seeming to be the most excited of all of us. I was completely spoiled by Josh with over £200 worth of Victorias Secret items (eeee!!) and his family got me some lovely presents too, Thanks guys! Josh probably got the best present of all in the form of his dads Mercedes SLK(!!) Everything was going so nicely, I was in the Christmas spirit and excited for the other visits I had to do. I left Josh's house and headed over to see my dad and grandma when this happened..
On Christmas day 2012 I had my first accident! The giant smash on my windscreen was actually caused by a pheasant that decided to walk into the road and then fly up right in front of my car. It was a seriously scary experience, so much so that I can't remember anything from when I hit the pheasant to when I pulled over into a near by lay-by. I managed to call my dad through my worked up state and he came out to get me, reassuring me that I hadn't ruined Christmas like I had bawled at him. I called Josh too and he and his mum came out. Josh calmed me down almost immediately, my knight in shining armour! I am so grateful for everyone who rushed out to my rescue! I'm still waiting for my car to get fixed..
After I had gotten back to my grandmas and over the shock I began to enjoy Christmas again. I stayed there for a couple of hours before my dad took me home to my mums house for another round of present opening. Me and my mum went to my aunties house for our lunch before I headed back to Josh's house to wind down Christmas with chocolate, quizzes and tv in bed!
I am so happy with everything I got for Christmas, I can't thank my family, friends and boyfriend enough for all the lovely things they treated me too! 


  1. Oh my gosh! Glad your okay and that it didn't ruin Christmas Xx

    1. thanks claire! hope you had a good Christmas :)x

  2. aww bless you -trust that to happen on christmas day of all days! Sounds like you got lots of lovely things though :) xx

  3. Oh my god, I would have panicked so much! I'm glad you're okay though.


  4. Oh wow, glad you are okay! That's quite a crazy incident!
    Happy that your Christmas still ended up being fun!

  5. Oh you poor thing! That's such a horrible thing to happen. I hope you had a lovely christmas anyway! <3

  6. Bloody bird, I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas despite that happening! Lucy xx

  7. oh my god thats so scary, i'd off responded the same way you did. at least nobody got hurt and you were okay.x

  8. Oh wow, that accident must have been horrible! Esp on Christmas day =(

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun apart from that though!

    Corinne x

  9. Oh no that so unfortunate. I hope it didn't ruin your Christmas too much as sounds like you got some lovely things. Love your blog by the way, now following x


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