Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: For Him!

With Christmas being only 20 days away I'm sure the majority of people are well into the swing of their present shopping with some ideas in mind, However, if you aren't then I hope something out of the four gift guides I will be posting will give you a little helping hand. Up first, we have the males, the most difficult people to buy for (am I right?)

1. Aftershave: You can't go wrong with buying any male of any age something smelly whether it be in the form of a shower gel gift set from boots for those smelly teenage boys or a sexy smelling aftershave for your man to wear when he is whisking you off on a romantic date. Some of my personal favourites are the lynx body sets and a the Gucci Guilty aftershave, I have smelt the 007 aftershave and have to say it doesn't actually smell too bad!

2. Christmas Jumper: Nothing will get them in the Christmas mood more than buying them a Christmas themed jumper. Whether you go for the classic snow flake printed ones or for something a little more 'Giant Christmas pudding slapped in the middle' I'm sure he'll love it! The best places to look for something like that seem to be River Island, Topman and Primark!

3. A Video Game: We all know most men have a love affair with their games consoles on a regular basis (well, its better than another woman, right?) so why not get him something that will keep him occupied for hours like the new Lego Lord of the Rings game, available on all consoles. My boyfriend got this the other day and I've played it with him and have to say, it is really quite fun and easy for someone, like me, who isn't very skilled in the video game department.

4. Hats, Gloves & Scarves: No matter how macho your man is he will still get cold so prompt him to wrap up warm by buying him a fashionable hat, gloves and scarf set. Even if he decides not to wear them at least you can borrow them to keep toasty in!

5. Underwear: Noticed your mans underwear is looking a little faded and old? Get him some new ones for Christmas. Underwear makes an easy stocking filler and will no doubt get used, you could go with the old classic plain ones or make it a little more fun with some character or funny ones which can be found in pretty much every shop. Each time he puts them on he can be reminded that you got them for him, always thinking of you!



  1. Love that Christmas jumper! A really cute choice :)

    Lela -

  2. I still have no idea what to get my other half for Christmas but I think with some man smellies and some new boxers I can't go wrong! Xx


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