Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her!

Another idea inspiring post for you today, this time for the ladies! See part one here for the men's gift guide! 

1. Books: Since the 50 shades of grey phase reading seems to have exploded with a whole load of women taking to dipping into a book during their spare time. This christmas, why not supply your girl friends with some more reading material. One of my favourite books to read is 'Safe Haven' by Nicholas Sparks, beautifully written love story. 

2. Taylor Swift 'Red' album: This is more of a personal recommendation to you all. This is possibly the best album I've ever heard. I guarantee you that there is a song on this album you will relate to and instantly love all the amazing range of classic Taylor and party Taylor songs. Go buy this for all your friends and even yourself if you don't already have it! 

3. Scarf, gloves & hats: keeping warm is kind of essential in the winter period so purchasing an incredibly on trend beanie hat to keep your head and ears warm, wrapping a super stylish scarf around your neck and slipping on a pair of gloves will leave us all prepared to tackle our busy lives in toasty warmth. 

4. Scented Candles: You can't go wrong with a Christmas scented candle! There is nothing like burning these around the house to keep the Christmas spirit flowing for a little while after the big day. Because most candles come in multiple sizes they can make the perfect stocking fillers or small gift for any girl.

5. Make up or nail varnish sets: This is a beauty blog after all so of course some form of beauty product is got to feature! I am a huge fan of the benefit make up sets that contain everything you could need to create a look fro, the smoky eye to a night out. I am lusting after the models own mirror ball collection myself so I think it's a pretty nice gift for anyone, who like me, loves sparkly nail varnish. I think these make the perfect stocking fillers! 



  1. Ooo I got a lovely beanie hat from Topshop last week, I'm in love, my ears are so snug!!
    & I love Christmassy scented candles as well, but my mum doesn't like me lighting them up in my room, grrr!

  2. Love all the different ideas, will have to get some festive Yankee candles :) x

  3. These are all great ideas! Love the candles!

  4. You have some great gift ideas :) I love Yankee Candles, can't go wrong :) Xxxx

  5. I'd literally love every single item on your guide! :D

    Lucy xx

  6. I love evry single thing :D well now I know what to tell the family when they ask what I want


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