Monday, 18 February 2013

50 Facts About Me!

My name is Charlotte
I am 19 years old
I am named after my Granddad, his name was Charles and he died a few months before I was born
My middle name is Jessica, I used to prefer it to my actual name
My parents nickname for me is 'Spud' to this day neither of them know why they call me it
I am an only child
My parents separated recently & I am living with my mum
I have an amazing boyfriend, his name is Josh and I love him.. a lot
I want to move out and into my own place with Josh asap
I promised I'd buy him a Chihuahua when we eventually got a place together
I love the colour pink..
..and sparkles
Magic fascinates me
I could eat tesco coco pops all day every day
I have been growing my hair since I was 8
Until recently when I chopped it off to above my shoulders..
I have only got my ears pierced
I have one tattoo of a star on my wrist in memory of my Granddad
I like to read, getting lost in someone else's world can often help you with your own
I have been blogging for just over a year
I have braces
I love shoes..
..and bags..
..and make up..
I only really got into make up through watching youtube beauty gurus a couple of years ago
I once sung at the Royal Albert Hall, my Grandma was so proud
I adore my small group of friends
I go to the gym most days with Josh
I drive a convertible VW Beetle, it has been my dream car since forever.
I studied sports science for two years and finished the course with the highest marks you can get
I am now studying sports massage
I work part time at Marks & Spencer
I met Josh there when he became a Christmas temp on the same department as me in 2011
I am going on holiday in a few days and I am so excited
TOWIE, Geordie Shore and Made In Chelsea are my TV watching downfall
At age 12 I was on track to becoming a professional swimmer, the 6am starts put me off..
I attempted to learn how to play the guitar once, it lasted about 3 months
I once broke my wrist falling off some monkey bars
I hit a pheasant on Christmas day, it smashed my windscreen..
I now can't drive down a country road without thinking something will run out in front of my car
I worry too much
I am only 5ft3, but good things come in small packages
I was going to write this blog in the bath but my Ipad ran out of battery, typical. 
I'm going to Mexico in July for Josh's mum's birthday
I am rubbish with money, especially when boots are doing a 3for2 deal on beauty
If I was to have a baby, I'd prefer a boy
When I'm home alone I bust out moves on Just Dance 4 like I'm a pro
I love adventures with Josh, they make me happy
I like to paint my nails, most of the time with a signature finger
I'm going to be 20 this year, that feels grown up


  1. i love how you were named after your granddad, it's really nice. i also fell off monkey bars before and broke my arm haha.x

  2. My mum calls Me spud too lol, because on my baby scan I apparent looked like one lol xx

    Mac lipstick giveaway x

  3. I loved this post... even bullet entries are fun as well - about random facts of yourself =)


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