Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Mexico Monday! 10 Weeks To Go..

Current Weight: 120lbs or 54.4kg
Gym Sessions: Six
(2 x Pre Breakfast Cardio, 2 x Back & Biceps, 1 x Chest & Triceps, 1 x Legs)
Water Drank: 11 liters
Clean Meals Eaten: 20
Cheat Meals Eaten: 3

I'm thinking of re-naming this Mexico Monday on a Tuesday as I never seem to have the time to write up on a Monday after work! I've been really applying myself at the gym over the past couple of weeks and I'm feeling a lot better for it (ask Josh, I am fascinated by my biceps and triceps right now #GunShow) Eating a lot cleaner this last week two minus the weekend trip to Josh's dads for a couple of meals out for special occasions. Next week I am going to give it the beans so when I post up my week 9 picture you might actually be able to tell the difference from week 12! 
I'm still not enjoying drinking so much water that I'm peeing all the time but hey, its for a good reason right?
See you on Monday, like it actually will be Monday next week, Promise!


  1. I love these posts! I'm the same with my biceps, constantly flexing these days and it drives my mum insane :') <3

    1. tell me about it. I'm constantly flexing.. might start charging for the gun show!! x


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