Friday, 10 May 2013

Fitness Friday! My Finspiration!

FINSPIRATION: Fit person who inspires me to get fit. 

Jodie Marsh hasn't exactly had the best publicity across her career and like everyone she has made some mistakes but making the decision to become a body builder was probably the best one ever. Jodie Marsh is my all time Finspiration, I mean look at her, she is freaking HOT. Yes, I said it, Jodie Marsh is HOT!
Looking at pictures of her makes me want to train my arse off (hardcore) to even attempt to look as amazing as she does. She is pretty well proportioned with perfectly sculpted arms, amazing legs and a killer core. I want, I want, I WANT!!
I first got behind Jodie when I watched the shows following her body building and since then have just been in awe of her dedication and pay off.
I wish I could actually get to this incredible state before Mexico in just 9 weeks time but some how I think that may be impossible.
Someone go and get me some joggers and a sports bra, it's a start right?

Who's you're Finspiration?


  1. ohh i've never heard anybody use the term 'finspiration'. i've always used 'fitspiration'. i've never paid much attention to Jodie myself but from what i've read, she's put so much work into getting that bulk and good for her. my 'fitspiration' are the tone it ip girls on youtube. katrina's abs - wow. x

  2. Just wrote a whole comment about my burning love for Jodie Marsh and it disappeared.

    Anyway, the general gist is that I love her and always have. Saw an interview with her once years ago and she was really down to earth and canny. Me and my male pal proper fangirl/fanboy over her haha

    I don't want that body type but she looks awesome. xxx


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