Friday, 3 May 2013

Water Bobble

The taste of tap water isn't always great and the cost of buying bottled water soon adds up. Enter the water bobble, an absolutely genius invention by bobble. The water bobble is a basic plastic bottle with a filter attached to the screwed on bottle cap, you can fill the bottle with normal tap water and drink out if it like a normal bottle, however instead of getting the nasty taste of tap water the filter at the top takes out all the nasty stuff and only delivers the nice fresh tasting water to your mouth and it does all this while you drink! Clever little thing. 
The bobble is available in two sizes 550ml and 1 litre, both for the cost of around £8 - £10, from amazon, John lewis and boots. The filters claim to give you up to 300 bottles of water for just £5 - £6 which is an absolute bargain if you think about it as being just a one off payment of £16 and you are set for 300 bottles. 

Gym goers, you need this.
People who drink water, you really need this! 
Char x

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  1. I love these! I definitely need the bigger version <3


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