Saturday, 15 September 2012

Featured Blogger: Emillie!

Emillie is a 14 year old blogger from London and has been blogging since February this year over at Emillie's World.. I loved having a read of her blog so go head over there and have a look.

My blog is basically about fashion,make up and what's going on in the world. I write reviews on fashion and beauty and do general posts or any styles/shops I like at the moment, with a few guest post/reviews from my friends.

I love fashion and beauty, I also love reading other peoples blog for beauty and style tips any idea and or comments are welcomed on my blog I like knowing what people want me to write. I love blogging because its what I want to do in life being able to help people and give them ideas, and different things to try.

1. I love anything girly and pink 
2. I am obsessed over a british boyband (but then again who doesn't have a guilty pleasure?) 
3. I'm as mad as they come.

Thanks a lot Emillie for getting in touch, it was a pleasure featuring you. The boyband you are obsessed over wouldn't happen to be One Direction would it? 


  1. hate to burst your bubble but its The direction are good though! dont get me wrong! :)x


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