Wednesday, 26 September 2012

H and M Basics!

A little while ago, after watching copious amounts of youtube videos and reading a tonne of fashion blogs,  I got into the whole 'fashion trend' of pretty blouses and high buttoned/ high necked tops however I have found that those aren't exactly my 'style.' Blouses don't fit right on my body and some high buttoned shirts make me look boxy. I cleaned out my wardrobe and turned to H&M. I'm not normally a fan of H&M clothing because you and I both know some of the stuff they have in there is completely hideous, however the Jersey Basics range is a must shop. I love the wide range of plain and striped V necks, long flowy tops, tanks and long sleeved tops in a huge range of colours for bargain prices. If I could buy on of each top in each colour and style and fill my drawers with them I honestly would. The three tops above (a selection from my collection) cost me around £15 which for three tops really isn't bad. These are the most perfect selection of tops for wearing everywhere, at work, to school/university, to the gym or to be honest any day of the week. I will definitely being adding more of these to my wardrobe once I have more funds in my bank account! 
Are you a fan of Jersey Basics or are you more of a patterns and prints fan? 


  1. all these tops look sooo nice, i really like h and m irs one of my favourite shops. but i do agree that there is the occasional hideous item in there.

  2. Simple tees from H&M always do me well!

  3. I love their basic stuff but I found that the vests are really wide at the bottom and after a while the elastic doesn't stay and it's just baggy around the bum :(
    Love your blog btw! :)
    Sylvia, xx


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