Friday, 14 September 2012

THE Ted Baker Purse!

For a while now I have been lusting over Ted Baker purses and being the lucky girl I am my wonderful boyfriend decided to treat me to my very own! After a little deliberation between a cream version and this hot pink one, we settled on the hot pink because lets be honest, it is much more me than a cream one. I love the look of these purses with the little TB hearts poking out the top, acting as the fastener of the coin section, the baby pink and gold look so pretty together. The inside is a nice pale pink with just enough card slots to house my growing collection of store loyalty cards and enough to stop me getting any more as well as an ID/Picture slot at the bottom, I am planning on using it as a picture slot. One of my favourite parts of the purse is the inside of the coin section as it is covered in pretty monochrome butterflies. I like that its done in monochrome as it makes look quite subtle compared to if it had been done in full colour. 
All in all this is the prettiest and most useful purse I have owned, plus it is super easy to find at the bottom of my bag!
Thanks Josh!


  1. It's so pretty! xx

  2. This purse is gorgeous! I love the layout inside, so need a generous bf like this ;)

    Lucy x

  3. That is one of the most prettiest of purses ive ever seen!! I have missed not being able to read your blogs, xxx


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