Thursday, 16 August 2012


I'm back!! I seem to start a lot of my posts that way because I leave such big gaps between the posts due to my lack of blogging mojo, lame! I recently got back from Malta a few weeks ago and thought I'd tell you all a little about what I got up to. I went with my mum, aunty and cousin which made a nice change to the normal family holiday's, we were forced to be up and at the airport by 4am which was an total killer and it seemed like we were completely rushed through the airport and onto the plane despite us being there a good two hours before take off. On the first day in Malta we spent the day relaxing down by the pool reading, working on our tans and treating ourselves to some well deserved spa treatments. I had the best facial ever! My mum and aunty used to live in Malta when they were very little (my Granddad was moved out there with the Raf) so we found a tour company that allowed you to chose where you wanted to visit and for how long so we booked our own private tour of the island which included the tourist spots like the blue grotto, some amazing caves with beautiful clear blue water, followed by areas my mum and aunty used to live, go to school and hang out. Now Malta is a tiny island so we managed to travel around the entire place in a day. After a couple more days of relaxing and tanning we chose to travel to Valletta which is like a nice shopping city, I was a little disappointed by the lack of good shopping opportunities however the place itself was rather picturesque.
All in all, quite a nice holiday however I was very happy to get home and be back with my boyfriend. I dropped him off at the airport today as he is off on his holiday so I'm feeling a little sad at the prospect of 10 days without him. Expect lots of blog posts this week. I Am Back! 


  1. Great pictures! The colour of the sea is beautiful :)

    Sita xx

  2. Wow, loving the photos sweetie :) Looks and sound like you had an amazing time :) Aww hopefully the next 10 days will hurry for you :)


  3. beautiful pictures! :)

  4. How bluuee is that water! And the sky! Gorgeous photos


  5. I loved Malta when I went, it definitely is picturesque and I found it really easy to tan there when it's usually a bit of a struggle for my fair-skinned self. Your photos really do the place justice - what camera do you use? x

    1. I use a basic digital camera, samsung one that cost me about £80. Works like a dream x

  6. I want to go to Malta... it looks so beautiful :) I hope you had lots of fun hun :)



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