Saturday, 18 August 2012

Mini Haul!

I say Mini Haul as I only picked up a few things while out shopping the other day due to the fact I didn't really need anything but hey, when you walk past a superdrug its hard not to go in and spend some money. I went to Primark first and picked out a new bag for college, I'm only there for a few hours in the evening so the camel coloured tote will do nicely for chucking a folder in, I love the studded detail down the sides. I wanted to get some nice black shoes for wearing to dinners or outings that require dressing up a little, a cute pair for £6, nothing bad about that. 
Superdrug was my next stop and with £7 worth of points on my card I took my time choosing a few products to try out. The two NYC "Quick Dry" shades both really caught my eye so I am looking forward to trying them out and seeing how nice they look on the nails as well as testing the quick drying-ness of them (review/cnl soon.) A new mascara out on the collection 2000 stand  so of course I'm going to give it a go, a review will be coming soon once I've had the chance to give it a try! 
Hope you all have a lovely day today, sounds like its going to be a hot one. The air conditioning at work is broken so no doubt its going to be about 40 degrees on the top floor, its going to be a long 7 & a half hours! 


  1. Cute shoes!

    Sita xx

  2. the bag is really cute and i get what you mean about superdrug haha.x

  3. LOVeee the studded bag :) I might grab one for uni :)! x

  4. Boots/Superdrug is deadly. If I go in and not buy anything, I feel guilty and have to atleast pick up a cheap nailpolish. So much money wasted there.


  5. Gorgeous bag! I wanna get something in a tan color as well. I think it goes great with literally everything. :)

  6. I have that bag in black, i love it!


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