Friday, 31 August 2012

What's In My College Bag? (this year..)

Another year at college, another 'What's in my college bag' post! (you can see last year's post here!) I have the essentials in my bag i.e my binder, notebook and pencil case filled with an abundance of pens for all my note taking. My make up bag is full of the essentials for day to day girl life (separate post if you want it) a hair brush and hair bands as in the clinic you have to have your hair up for hygienic reasons. Baby wipes are an essential when doing sports massage as a lot of oils are involved and as some of you may know oil doesn't really come off when you wash your hands so using baby wipes just gets rid of it all a lot easier! Of course I have my keys as I drive to college and need to get in and out of my house, my purse for emergency food purchases and my phone to text my boyfriend during class like that rebel that I am! 
I love having a nose at what other people have in their bags so if you've done a similar post let me know! 


  1. I really like your bag! :)

  2. Your purse is soo cute :)x

  3. I love your bag, I'd end up filling it with so much rubbish, looks like a rival for Mary Poppins ;) It's gorgeous.


  4. You are very controlled in terms of what is in there...I fill up my bags with rubbish so quickly!

    Just letting you know that I have tagged you for the 'My Makeup History tag' in case you are interested!


  5. Nice and full fashionable collage bag. I like it.
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