Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Adoption - - (back tracking from MAY)

I'm basically starting this blog to give people a place to read about my experiences of the process as a birth child who's parents are adopting and give them an idea of the process. I shall blog the whole process so from going to the open day, to each time we have a visit right down to (hopefully) the first picture of our new family, I'm taking you for the ride! However, for personal reasons I will not include any information about where I live for our safety ectt.. So basically, My parents have decided they want to start the adoption process and I am totally fine with it. I am an only child as my mum found it very difficult to have children so it was a miracle  when I was born. The prospect of me becoming the big sister I never thought I could be makes me beyond excited. I am looking forward to (hopefully) having a little sibling, taking them in to our home and caring for them in the way that they deserve. 

The Open Day - May 2011

I went with my parents to the initial open day/meeting about the entire process and I am fully on board with everything, as are they. The meeting lasted around 2 hours and the social workers went through the entire process bit, by bit breaking it down and telling you the facts straight up, they make everything into a worse case scenario as a way of, I guess, scaring you so they know that if you sign that piece of paper at the end then you really are sure about the process. They give you a lot of information in a pack for you to read and recommendations of books for you to read to make sure you understand and for help. We had a talk from a nice lady who had been through the process not once, but twice and she showed us her books that she made for her children (something you have to do further on in the process) which showed them pictures of the family, pets, house ectt..
There was one couple there who spent the whole two hours hugging, holding hands and kissing and I was just like noo, you can't be like that in front of the social workers because that's not going to get you far, especially when they ask how long you've been together and what you have to offer. silly people.
Once the meeting was over we got talking to a couple in their late 40s who couldn't have children, they were really nice.

We are now on the part where my parents have to volunteer to work with "stranger" children, my mum is volunteering at a local rainbows group and eventually going to the brownies (an idea for you) once my dad gets his sorted we will be getting our first home visit!

so until then!

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