Thursday, 4 August 2011

Volunteering - 3rd August 2011

Finally both of my parents have sorted out their volunteering at organisations with 'stranger' children! It's a requirement from the adoption people that anyone interested in adopting must (!) prove that they can deal with, what they call, "stranger" children before they can even consider getting a home visit! 

It was far easier for my mum to do hers as she is volunteering at a local brownies club for an hour a week, when she started the group were told who mum was and why she was there for the benefit of the girls parents and the group ectt. My dad, on the other hand, found it very difficult to find somewhere to go, he eventually contacted social services and asked them for some advice to which they suggested one of their own organisations, a contact centre for children of separated parents, for him to go to every other weekend.

 Now both of them are sorted, my mum will be contacting the social worker and hopefully we will be getting our first home visit! WooHoo!!

Until then.. 

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