Saturday, 3 September 2011

First Home Visit - 16th August 2011 (up late)

So we had two social workers come round our house today, they were very nice. (although one of them had a really strange stare when she asked questions, think bulging eyes!) They took it in turns to ask my parents and myself questions about adoption, spoke in depth about my parents past and what their family life was like when they were growing up, while the other social worker wrote down near enough every word we said. It was interesting to hear what sort of random things they need to know for the application like where my parents have lived since they were born!? why that would effect an adopted child I'm not sure... I think one of the most important questions they asked was "What do you have to offer a child?" by that they really don't mean material things they mean things like love, care, schools, support from family who are close ectt.. Another thing they did whilst they were at our house was take a tour of the house, looking in every room, making sure the spare rooms were suitable for a child. One of the social workers told me my room was very clean and asked me if I was the one that kept it tidy, instead of lying and saying "yes" I told her the truth that it was in fact my mum that keeps it that sparkling!

Before they left they explained that it would take around 3-4 weeks for them to write back to us and let us know their verdict, basically if we've been approved to be part of their agency or not. With the letter they also send you a copy of the notes they took and an explanation of their decision. 

Until then.. 

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