Sunday, 4 September 2011

Review: Topshop Make Up

So around a month ago I saw a review on the topshop make up range by Fleur De Force on her youtube channel and decided to try them out for myself. The topshop in my local shopping centre had a fairly good selection so I took my time choosing the products I wanted. I picked up 8 items (i got a brush too but forgot to include it in the which came to around £50 which isn't too bad, I think? I decided that a good way to start off the beauty side of my blog is by doing a little review of the products I chose.

1. Lipstick in Nevada. £8: I quite like this lipstick, I had been looking for a pinky nude lipstick for a looong time and when I found this one I had to have it! I have worn it a couple of times and found that the colour fades slightly during the day, but then again so do a lot of lipsticks. Recently I have started wearing this with a tiny bit of Barry M's lipgloss in No.4, creates such a lovely colour.

2. Lip Glaze in Bubblegum. £6:
A new favourite in my lipgloss collection. Its such a pretty colour and smells looovelyy! Thankfully its not a majorly sticky lipgloss and its pigmented enough for you to wear it alone but you would definitely need to put it in your bag cause you will need to reapply 3 or 4 times during the day.

3. Lipstick in Show Off. £8: This is one lipstick that i picked up, thought it looked like a really nice colour, tried it on when I got home and thought "I can't wear this on its own" maybe its because I never used to wear lipstick but it just looked too intense! So to try and tame it down I put the Bubblegum lipgloss on over the top, problem solved!

4. Nail Varnish in AWOL. £5: I love this nail varnish! I've worn it a few times and its staying power is great, after about a week it starts to chip away slightly but that’s fine with me. The consistency of this polish was fairly good, quite thick if shook well but it takes around 2 coats to make the colour look its best.

5. Nail Varnish in Parma Violet. £5: You're going to think I'm mad but I didn't like this polish. For some reason the consistency was super watery and it took like 4-5 coats to make the colour look good and it chipped quite quickly. I don't know if i had a dud but it was nothing like AWOL. Did not like, at all. 

6. Cream Blush in Head Over Heals. £6: This is a very pigmented blush in a light coral colour. I have used this a couple of times but I have to say I'm a powder blush girl at heart. I found it a bit awkward to blend properly but I did really love the colour and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a cream blush, who is used to using them! Coral was for sure the colour of the summer season so it was very fitting but I will be putting it away for the autumn.

7. Cheek Highlighter in Prism. £10: This product is described as a "Multi use cream stick to add colour and highlight face and body" it also says you can use it on your lips as a lip colour which i have not tried & have no intention of ever trying. However, using it as a cheek highlighter I have tried & have loved! It gives you a nice definition along your cheek bones and because of the golden bronzey colour (great discription) it gives you a really natural highlight.

8. Concealer brush. £5: For a good quality make up brush, £5 is actually quite reasonable. I use this every single day for applying my concealer (obviously char..) and it has served me well since I got it. The topshop brushes are sooo soft which I love and I feel that I will be getting more brushes in the near future.

Overall I think the quality, price and selection of the Topshop make up are extremely reasonable for being a sort of "not quite drugstore but not quite high end" range (if anyone has a name for that, please let me know) I recommend you try a few products out, whether its the ones I have mentioned or completely different ones because it is a very good range!

Let me know what you think & if you have already tried it, what products do you recommend?



  1. This is such a good review! thanks for sharing! i was thinking about getting some of the topshop products :) hope you will check out my blog. xoxo

  2. Let me know what products you get and if you like them! :) Xx

  3. A great review! The Nevada lipstick and the blush look stunning :)

    xo Samantha Grace

  4. Ooo I have always been curious about Topshop make up! Thanks for doing this.

  5. no problem. Let me know if there is any other reviews you'd like me to do :) Xx


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