Friday, 9 September 2011

Billy Elliot (The Musical)

Last night I hopped on a train down to London with my mum and dad to go and see Billy Elliot The Musical, which was a birthday present for my mum from me and my dad.
Overall I thought that it was a very good show, it made me laugh, when Billy and his friend Michael (who likes dressing up in womens clothes) had thier big dancing/singing number with lifesize dresses (!) and nearly cry thanks to Billy reading a letter to his mum, who had died. The musical was very real to the original film which is always good but of course being a big theater production there were a lot more random singing and dancing parts with Billy that had little to do with the film, more just showing off what the little boy could do!
The majority of the cast where young children and I have to say they were bloody talented kids. How they can remember thier lines, dance moves and the songs I don't know.  The youngest child in the show must have been about five, he was adorable. One thing that made me wince a little bit was the language some of the younger cast members were using, saying words they shouldn't have heard of at that age but I suppose it was just their way of representing what life was like for people during mid 1980s and the minors strike ectt..

All in all, a very good show and I would say if you are debating whether to see this or not, you should! If you haven't seen the original film already then go and rent it or buy it because its a really good film!
Have you seen the film or the show, let me know what you think about it?

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