Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Whats in my college bag?

Yesterday's posts did not go to plan. If you read my Back To College: OOTD you would've seen me say I was going to do this yesterday, but I didn't and I am sorry! I guess you could say this is part 2, on day 2, of my back to college related posts... 

Here is my college bag:

My camera makes it look dirty, its not, Its the lighting ectt!
Its from Marks and Spencer and cost £20!

This is what's inside it: 

Front Buckle Pocket: Normally has my phone, time table and the frutella's in it.

Middle Zip Pocket: Coin purse, House keys and Car Keys

Main Compartment: Tinkerbell folder for assignments (so grown up) Pink plastic 'popper' folder for letters and things, Notepad, mini mouse pencil case and my mini make up bag.

So that is what's in my college bag, exciting huh? If you have any questions like if you want to know what's in my college make up bag or something then please let me know in the comments as I am more then happy to do a post on it or any requests!
What are you studying at school, college or uni? 


  1. It always amazes me just how much stuff we carry round with us. I need to empty mine due to not being able to carry it at the mo.

    X x

  2. I use to have a totally battered sports bag for six form - i was far from stylish x

  3. I'm only back to college a day and my bag won't close! It needs to be sorted tonight haha! :)

    I'm studying for a Business & Media degree! :) I think college in the UK is different than in Ireland though!

  4. Here its like another form of high school, whats it like in ireland? X


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