Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Primark Purchases

I went to primark today with the sole intention of buying some cheap clothes for my camping trip next week (more on that to follow soon) however, that didn't work. I think i managed to buy everything but what I actually needed to get. oops! 

So here is what I picked up, which I probably shouldn't have...

- Pack of 40 bobby pins, £1
- 4 pack feather hair slides, £2

- 4 pack bulldog clips, £1

- Butterfly ring, £2

- White feather & peach gem earings, £2

- Green feather & chain earings, £2.50

- Woolly hat, £4

- Earmuffs, £2

- 2 pack gloves, £1

- Belt, £2.50

- Pink headband, £1.50

- Grey headband, £1.50

- Pyjama pants, £5

- 2 pack vests, £2

-  Superman undies, £2.50

So this is why I shouldn't go shopping on my own, especially when everything is so cheap! 
Do you like shopping in primark, or is it too much like a jumble sale? 


  1. I really like Primark, but I only like to go when its quiet and organised! Great picks, love the jewellery and the ear muffs (I am too excited about all the new winter things in store!) xx

  2. i love the leaf slides and the woolly headbands!

    maddie xx

  3. I love Primark for their basics, those leafy slides are really cute x

  4. I LOVE primark! Esp their Winter Stuff! x

    Follow me xx

  5. I have the pink headband, i bout it last year but still havent worn it, i dont think it looks right with my short hair now :-(
    Primark has been fab this winter, ive seen so many nice jumpers and cardigans.

    Holli x


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