Monday, 5 September 2011

August Favourites!

This is my first attempt at my favourites post but it's definitely going to be a regular (say, monthly?) one! Lets get started shall we?

1. Victoria Secret PINK with a splash, Fruity & Bright: The best smell EVER! I absolutely adore it. I got it when I was on holiday in July and have had to put off using it every day because I don't want to waste it but if I could use it every single day, I seriously would! yumm! 

2. Urban Decay 'De Slick' setting spray: Life.SAVER! I, unfortunately, have oily skin and for some reason I only found this product last month but boy do I love it. My oily skin is kept to a minimum whilst I have this on under & on top of my make up (thats what the bottle says to do) if you have oily skin, i recommend you try this out! 

3. MUA 'pretty pastels' eyeshadow pallet: I love MakeUpAcademy products, especially their eyeshadows because they are so freaking pigmented! I have 5 of the pallets but this is my favourite, and for £4 its a bloody steal! GO BUY IT! (just kidding, i will not force you too..) I am planning on a MUA eye shadow review soon!

4. Rimmel London 'pink blush' Lipstick: All I can say is I have finally found my perfect pastel pink lipstick! At.Last!

5. OPI 'Caught With My Khaki's Down' Nail Varnish: Not a colour I would normally go for but I have really loved wearing it, i'm sure it will be one of the colours I reach for more frequently in the autumnal months ahead.

6. ELF clarifying powder: I use this as a blotting powder. I carry this in my bag with me for those days where my skin is hating on me and over producing oil, it does the trick by blotting and mattifying the skin slightly. It impressed me for a £1.50 product.

FOOD FAVOURITE (something different)

7. Special K Double chocolate snack bar: I discovered this when it was on offer in Tesco, I was drawn in by the yummy looking chocolate on the wrapper & the fact it was only 50p! (ha-ha) They taste soo good and fill me up sufficiently, very helpful when you are feeling a little peckish during the day and don't want to stuff your face with tonnes of junk food!

I hope you all enjoyed!
Let me know what your favourites are! 



  1. Love urban decay deslick!
    Even though I don't have very oily skin, I bought it because my make-up wasn't staying on properly and I really like it, unfortunately I ran out whilst I was on holiday 2 weeks ago so I have to remember to repurchase it!

  2. best setting spray i've ever used, beats the make up forever one i used before it! Xx

  3. I'm going to be ordering from Victoria's Secret soon and I really wanted to get a scent - I'm really tempted by this one now!
    The Special K Bars are like heaven aren't they? Nom!

    xo Samantha Grace

  4. i have one near enough every day, thats how yummy they are! Xx


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