Monday, 26 September 2011

Nail Rehab Winner!

Two weeks ago I told you about my crappy nails (see HERE for the details & original post) I have used three different products for my torn nails which were Rimmel London's nail rescue, Avon's peeling and brittleness solver and Sally Hanson's Hard as nails. I used them on a few nails each to test and compare their effectiveness over a two week period and here are the results:
In THIRD place we have:
Rimmel London's Nail Rescue! around £4.50
I used this one on 4 nails on my right hand but at the end of the two weeks 3 out of the 4 nails are still torn! it's a shame especially as it's the product that claims to be a two week treatment. 
In SECOND place we have:
Sally Hanson's Hard As Nails around £2-£3
Two out of three nails I used this on are amazing, no splits at all and strong. The third has a tiny split in it and is still a little weak but I really do recommend this and for a reasonable price I think its worth it if you have the same problem as me.
In FIRST place, my winner is:
Avon's Peeling and Brittleness Solver was £5 now £2.50 on the Avon website!
All three of the nails are used this product on are so freaking strong and rip free! It surprised me as I honestly thought this one would perform the worse out of the three but I am now going to use this on the rest of my nails to hopefully get them as strong and rip free as the others.


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  1. I love the Avon Solver, I used to use OPI and the Essie millionails trying to get my nails sorted but the Avon and boots own works so much better. :) <3


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