Friday, 30 September 2011

How I clean my make up brushes.

Prepare for a picture heavy post from when I decided to clean my make up brushes a couple of days ago. I try to clean them every 2 weeks so that I'm not shoving loads of germs and nasty stuff on my face. I'm not saying this is what you have to do other wise you are doing it wrong this is just how I do it. 
First up: My messy brushes!

Yes, They are disgusting! this time I had left it a little longer than the two weeks to clean them because I went camping and was veryyy busy! 
In my defence, I alternate my foundation brushes each week so i'm not using a really dirty one for two weeks!

If I find my brushes are a little too dirty then I will give them a quick wipe over with sephora's make up brush cleaning wipes. Something similar to those is the  ELF daily brush cleaning spray (found here)

The first thing I do is fill my sink up with warm water and put a few pieces of kitchen roll on the side by my sink for the brushes when they are clean. I put the tops of the brushes in the water so all of the brush head is covered. I then take it out and squeeze a small amount of ELFs brush shampoo (found here) on it and massage it into the brush, occasionally I will dunk it back into the water and repeat the process until the brush is completely clean. Once I am convinced the brush is clean I run it under the tap and squeeze out all the water. Before putting it on the kitchen roll to dry I reshape the brushes, especially my face brushes, to make sure they dry in the right way. I use a liquid foundation and my foundation brushes get quite clogged up so it takes a few goes at making them as clean as I possibly can! 
My clean brushes and...
My DIRTYY water! gross huh?
once I have finished cleaning all my brushes I use some of the shampoo to clean any marks off of the sink.
What do you use to clean your brushes, any recommendations? 


  1. i'm totally bad at not cleaning them i really think i should improve on that lol x


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