Sunday, 25 September 2011

REVIEW: September GlossyBox

This is the first month of my subscription to the GlossyBox scheme, I love the idea of the box (click HERE to see my intro to GlossyBox) but I wasn't overly impressed with the products I got, unfortunately.
Here is what I got & what I thought:
PLUM by Mary Greenwell perfume sample
The scent is very sweet smelling but I think its more of a scent created for the "older lady" as it really reminds me of the perfume my grandma wears all the time. I might give this sample to her to see if she likes it.

Green People day solution hydrating balancing day cream
This was a product that I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. It really did do what it claimed to, my hands felt so soft, hydrated and moisturised and lasted for nearly 2 days! However, The smell! I hated it, I can't even describe what it smells like it just smells so horrible! 

MOA's The green balm
It's not green! Surprisingly I actually quite liked this product. To me it looks like a very creamy lip balm or like Vaseline but its actually a body cream! I used it on my hands and found that it soaked in super quickly and made my hands soo soft and with no real smell I have no complaints! 

Rahua Shampoo 
I'm going to start off by saying I hate it. It smelt and looked like benylin cough medicine (google it) so my first impressions were bad, to make it worse it made my hair feel horrible, really dry and straw like while I was still in the shower!!
Rahua Conditioner
This was not much better! It looked like mashed up bananas or baby food, very unappealing. My first thought when I smelt it was it smelt like the plastic babybell cheese wrapper. I had to re wash my hair with my dove shampoo. Will never use it again. 
HD Brows kit
FINALLY something I LOVED! Paying £12.95 and receiving this kit which retails at around £19.99 made all the rubbish products completely worth it! I have quite thick, dark eyebrows already which I get waxed every 4 - 6 weeks so using the kit as an eyebrow definer would be a bit too HD for me but using it as a brown eyeshadow pallet works perfectly! 

The colours are super pigmented and so similar that it makes doing a smoky brown eye really easy. If you were to use it as a brow filler it has enough variety to fit everyone's eyebrow colour. The kit comes with a double ended brush with, what looks like, an eyeliner brush on one side and an eye sponge on the other. I have been looking for an eyeliner brush for a long time so getting that one was awesome! it also has a basic eyeshadow sponge brush for on the go application. I cannot rave enough about this pallet! Love Love Love it! 

Let me know if you think these review posts are a good idea please! 


  1. I do think this post is actually useful, as I haven't still made a proper decision about the Glossy Box. I saw a couple of reviews and everyone seems so enthusiastic about it, and hearing a not-so-excited one is quite good actually! What would do suggest me? is it actually worth it or not?
    ps: really nice blog, keep blogging!

  2. i honestly think it is a really good idea, especially as you can unsubscribe whenever you want. I think you should give it a go for a few months to see the variety of products they send out and see if they send you anything you are interested in, everyone has different opinions, if not unsubscribe and save yourself some money to spend on some other products! :) hope that helped :) Xx

  3. Thanks! I'll give it a go then! xx


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